All She Wants for Christmas…

What’s on your Christmas list? Is it the latest iPhone? Large screen TV? Or maybe simply a white Christmas with friends and family sharing a meal as the brightly decked tree sparkles & glows near a warm crackling fire in the fireplace? One thing for sure though it’s not water you are dreaming about this Holiday! Ah, but yes Virginia, there is someone out there that is dreaming of just that and she lives right here in the good ole U.S.A. But wait! There’s more…this young lady is not dreaming about water for herself, she gets that from her …CONTINUE READING HERE: All She Wants for Christmas…

Change your mind! Change your life!

“Return to the Soul of Your Child” is a self-help book that gives information about two important psychological tools that we can use to help ourselves or children in our lives. Self-efficacy and guided or mediated language can help us to re-pattern ourselves. My book is supported by academic studies and these two important tools can be used to assist us to expand our personal horizons. If you are a pioneer soul that prefers to do their own inner work, you can analyze your own mind set and discover what are the recurring thoughts that enter your mind scape every …CONTINUE READING HERE: Change your mind! Change your life!

Tapping the Healing Medicine of Circle Gatherings

Throughout the ages, people have recognized that in the universal language of form, the circle spells unity, wholeness, and oneness. In a love-infused circle, layers of tension and fear melt away that we didn’t even know we were holding. At last we can simply be. Something deep within us that had closed down amidst life’s business now begins to unfurl. This sense of expansion brings relief, gratitude, wonder, and awe. Finally, we begin to hear the quiet voice of wisdom. Circlework, the practice I teach, is a spacious experience that includes time to connect both with ourselves and others. Movement, …CONTINUE READING HERE: Tapping the Healing Medicine of Circle Gatherings

Affirmations Not Working for YOU?

Are your affirmations working for you? Most people who do affirmations regularly, don’t actually get the results that they are wanting and for many they give up. I remember a time in my life that affirmations didn’t work for me. I studied the power of the mind and the power of positive thinking. I created positive affirmations. I said my affirmations at least once per day, while looking into the mirror, because that is what I had learned was supposed to work. Yes, I saw minor changes happen in my life, but the effect certainly wasn’t what I was anticipating, …CONTINUE READING HERE: Affirmations Not Working for YOU?

The Long Journey to Cleveland

Described by readers as compelling, inspirational and a testament to the human spirit, this true story is a must read, especially in these times of global turmoil and violence. The book, “The Long Journey to Cleveland”, begins in 1938 in Europe as two vastly different families, separated by a huge religious and cultural chasm await their fates, one with renewed hope, the other with apprehension as World War II and the Holocaust loom ahead. Ten-year old Marile, a Catholic girl living with her family in small-town Muhldorf, Germany had proudly presented Adolf Hitler with a bouquet of flowers, spent seven …CONTINUE READING HERE: The Long Journey to Cleveland

Syrian Peace Prayer

Would you step up and do what this man is being guided to do? How important is World Peace to you? Watch the below video to learn how you can help create peace in the world from the comfort of you home.     The World Peace Symbol, is my gift to you! It can be used during this prayer / meditation with James and whenever you wish to have more inner peace and help create more peace in the world! Click here to print your copy!   To join James and the million people around the world that believe …CONTINUE READING HERE: Syrian Peace Prayer

Making a Difference

Is it really possible for us to make a difference in the world? I am frequently challenged by people who believe that their small act won’t make a difference in the world. What they fail to see is that big differences happen, not because one person made a big difference, but instead because one person took action and then another and then another. It’s the little things that make a big difference. Although some things seem small, imagine this for a moment… Did you know that more than 60 Million plastic bottles are thrown away into landfills every day? That …CONTINUE READING HERE: Making a Difference

The New Children Are Arriving

by Kenji Kumara They are being called by many names – The Children Of Oz, Indigos, Crystal, Golden, Dawn, The Golden Ones, Violet Ray & Psychic Kids. They are coming from different places within our Universe and Galaxy – The Pleiades (7 Sisters), Sirius B (a Star), Cassiopia, Aldebron, Arcturus, The Vega System (a Gate-way), Antares and a “Galaxy Far Far Away” (to use ‘a Star Wars term). These children volunteered to come to Earth to bring awareness, enlightenment, healing and a new way of culturing our environment and planet. Some are being born fully awakened and realized; others arrive …CONTINUE READING HERE: The New Children Are Arriving

Forgiveness... A Path to Peace

It’s easy for us to hold grudges, stay angry with others, blame others for things that they did and stick to what we believe happened during an event in the past, knowing that “I Am Right”. Sound familiar? Well, today I want to talk about the biggest reason it is important for us to forgive every person we are holding grudges against, who we are angry with, who we blame and more. You see it may seem easy to not forgive, because we “Know we are Right”! But when we finally realize at a very deep level that those things …CONTINUE READING HERE: Forgiveness… A Path to Peace

Struggle, Strife, and the Stinkin' Thinkin' that Often Causes It

How much stinkin’ thinkin’ have you been up to lately? You know what I mean . . . Complaining about the lemons the Universe seems to have sent to you recently, Having an interaction with someone that didn’t go the way you were expecting and obsessing or gossiping about how “wrong” the other person is, Getting all caught up in how you feel victimized by “the system” – whether that be government, your job, or something else, Immediately jumping to conclusions about why someone said or did something that contains a negative opinion about the action or the person, or …CONTINUE READING HERE: Struggle, Strife, and the Stinkin’ Thinkin’ that Often Causes It