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  • Would you like to Achieve Optimum Health?

  • Would you like to have Peak Performance Energy every day?

  • Would you like to travel across multiple time zones without the effects of jet lag?

At Empowered Spirit our mission is to Empower You to overcome health and emotional challenges with ease and grace.  Our system uses a body, mind, spirit approach for total health. 

Through the use of Krystagraphs™ (Empowerment Symbols/colored images) you will be able to easily shift the energy in your body, to release blocked emotions, overcome pain, improve your immune system and much more.

Here is what one person has to say about the use of these symbols.

These symbols have been such a God send to  me and my  son , who was born 2 months prematurely.  He spent the first 4 weeks in the neonatal intensive care unit, after having been transported via an emergency air ambulance and getting his lungs working properly.  I was fortunate to have Krystalya at this incredible birth, and had the symbols on my baby minutes after this traumatic, yet miraculous experience.  Throughout the entire time he was in the hospital I had various symbols in the incubator at all times.  Alyziah was released from the hospital after only 4 weeks because he was doing so great.  He was also off of oxygen within 2 week of coming home.

 ~ Sharon Shapiro, Sedona, AZ

Based on the principle that everything is energy and that our energy is affected by everything that we come into contact with, Krystalya Marie’ has developed an entirely new method of healing the body through the use of energy symbols. 

The great part about using these images is that the process is simple and effective for many people without having to do a great deal of work.  In many cases a symbol used by itself with an intention will create the healing effect needed.  In other cases the you may need to do more intense healing in order to get to the core issue.  In either case the healing takes place quickly and easily.

To learn more about this new and unique method of alternative energy healing, be sure to Register for your Free Copy of the Empowered Spirit News.

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  • Thank u
    Pls share any resources with me
    A free gift from the Avaiya summit on PTSD which I didn’t get due to a house move

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  • Vesna,

    It is so great to hear from you. Yes, I do remember you and have wondered several times how you are doing and what has been happening in your life. I trust you are doing well?

  • Vesna

    My dear Krystalia, it has been some time since you were my companion because life was so difficult at that time. I cannot imagine that you even remember me, but I do remember you. So many things have happened in my life that it is only now that I can stand still and make some sort of order both inside and round me.ever

    It’s been some time now that I have been trying to find you, and it happened about 15 minutes ago. It is such a good sign!

    Vesna from Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • Yvonne, You can have the symbols printed at any local print shop or you can use them on by placing your hand close to the monitor when you display them. You can certainly draw them, although it will depend on your ability to connect with spirit to get the same energetic signature encoded in the image. I’m sorry that you aren’t finding muscle checking helpful. It’s very important that you are hydrated to get accurate answers.

    Regarding the Trigeminal Neuralgia, I have recently been working on creating a healing kit specifically for healing trigeminal nerve issues. If you are interested, please use the contact form for more information about the kit.

  • Yvonne

    Just listened to an interview with you and you mentioned there are symbols that can be printed and used for health but they need to be printed in full colour. I don’t have a colour printer. Could I draw and colour the symbols instead? Secondly, you mentioned muscle testing. I have tried several ways to do this but have not found anything that works – tried pendulum, tried standing and seeing if my body swayed forward or back, tried the finger through the hole created by 2 other fingers, tried just asking to see if intuition would give me answer – nothing. I am trying to cure my trigeminal neuralgia.

  • Giselle,

    You are an inspiration to all of us. You are taking action and you are definitely worthy of love.

    Sending you loads of love, light & laughter,


  • Thank you Krystalya, I look forward to my deck of cards and will inform you of my success. I learned a lot from you already, watching my thoughts and my language. Loving myself is the most difficult thing to do!
    I send you thanks and love,

  • Happy to hear that you enjoy reading articles on my website. Please let me know if you have a question that you would like me to answer in one of my articles.


  • I every time spent myy half an hour to read this website’s artiicles or reviews everyday along with a mug
    of coffee.

  • I look forward with excitement to read the book by Krystalya Marie!

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