How to Shed Extra Pounds Permanently

If you are like most people you over indulged during the holidays and figured you’d be able to easily take off those extra pounds in the new year. I remember those days oh so well, myself. With two weeks behind us in the New Year, if you are like most of people, the New Years resolutions have started to take a back seat to your busy days and you keep thinking tomorrow I’ll start that new diet or exercise program. But tomorrow never seems to come. Sound familiar? Diet and Exercise Alone Don’t Work The problem is that weight loss …CONTINUE READING HERE: How to Shed Extra Pounds Permanently

Affirmations Not Working for YOU?

Are your affirmations working for you? Most people who do affirmations regularly, don’t actually get the results that they are wanting and for many they give up. I remember a time in my life that affirmations didn’t work for me. I studied the power of the mind and the power of positive thinking. I created positive affirmations. I said my affirmations at least once per day, while looking into the mirror, because that is what I had learned was supposed to work. Yes, I saw minor changes happen in my life, but the effect certainly wasn’t what I was anticipating, …CONTINUE READING HERE: Affirmations Not Working for YOU?

Halt Emotional Eating

Emotional eating does not start at birth! Babies eat because they are hungry: they eat as much as they want and stop when they’ve had enough. Food is used for physical hunger, as well as for pleasure. For emotional eaters like me, however, I soon learned to use food for other reasons. What about you? Do you use food: ▪ To diminish emotional or physical pain? ▪ To fill up an inner emptiness? ▪ To procrastinate instead of being on task? ▪ To ease boredom? ▪ To calm anxiety or stress? ▪ To stay awake when feeling tired or drained? …CONTINUE READING HERE: Halt Emotional Eating