Self-Love Bundle Offer

One-Minute Energy Tune-Up
Power Symbols for Self Love, eBook


The lack of Self-Love and Self-Esteem are at the root of all of life challenges. Whether that challenge is financial success, or physical health, when you begin to love yourself miracles will begin to happen in your life. This eBook provides you with additional symbols and tools to learn to love yourself more fully and deeply Retail Value $27.

Three (3) Self-Love Subliminal Audios


Allow the music and subliminal messages to improve your overall self-esteem and self-love more each day, while playing one of these hour long audio programs in either of the following 3 formats.

Subliminal Messaging only: Listen 24 x 7 in the background.
Brainwave Entrainment for Relaxation and Meditation
using binaural beats to put you in a meditative state.
Brainwave Entrainment for Sleep Induction
using binaural beats to put you gently to sleep.

Listen to the brainwave entrainment recordings using a headset for up to 1 hour per day.

The list of subliminal affirmations used in these audio recordings is.  Retail Value $60 

Purchase Both in this Bundle
Now only $70.00 

Total Package Value $87.00 (you save $17)

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