Radioactivity in Our Oceans

Dr. Rima Laibow and her husband Major General Bert Stubblebine is my current source of information regarding concerns of high levels of radiation in our oceans. If it weren’t for my dreams, I would not necessarily take their reports all that seriously as I personally find them a bit into sensationalism. The reports can be found by going here: Please trust your own internal guidance with regards to these reports.

I want to emphasize that it is best that you use this information to give you insights and take care as to not go into fear because of this information, but instead give gratitude for the opportunity to be the light that will help to heal the oceans, and our planet and to bring together more and more people to help as well. Just as important as cleaning the oceans is finding ways for all of humankind to work together to find ecologically sound solutions so that we can produce more power than we need at a more reasonable cost without the use of Nuclear Power Plants.

Remember everything is energy, and everything effects energy. Dr. Emoto’s work clearly shows us that we can affect the crystalline structure of water with our intention. You can learn more about his work by visiting:

Using this understanding as our basis we can affect the energy of our oceans and clean them through the power of intention. Studies show that we can increase our power of intention exponentially if we come together as a group, holding the intention of healing the oceans.  Please join me daily by using the meditation provided for healing the ocean and weekly on a live Webinar to connect with the group energy and increase the power of our healing for the oceans exponentially.

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