Change your mind! Change your life!

hb-mary_edited-1-2-150x150“Return to the Soul of Your Child” is a self-help book that gives information about two important psychological tools that we can use to help ourselves or children in our lives. Self-efficacy and guided or mediated language can help us to re-pattern ourselves. My book is supported by academic studies and these two important tools can be used to assist us to expand our personal horizons.

If you are a pioneer soul that prefers to do their own inner work, you can analyze your own mind set and discover what are the recurring thoughts that enter your mind scape every day. What you constantly think about and constantly live are the result of the language scaffold that surrounded you for your entire life. You can redesign your pattern to reflect your authentic self. You can change your pattern. It is important to be aware of how you speak and how you think because you become more self aware. You are more present in your choices. You can have a different kind of life experience.

The great mystery speaks to us in a breeze, a dream, an imperceptible whisper and sometimes we think we heard something. Hey you! Listen to your potential calling you in a dream or a streaming thought. Do not be afraid to become more! More is a part of the exponential nature of life. There is always more. Start with the small things and move to bigger issues in your life. You are the scriptwriter and it is your choice to change or not to change. It is your adventure of self. The power of your words and your mind are tools for change. You can work on your own as a pioneer soul or seek professional guidance in your journey. The key to life is reflection and reassessment. We are lucky if we have the opportunity to do this. Word upon word format our lives. Give your life some new words! You decide what messages you wish to carry and live out!

Can you leave the past behind? Open your heart and soul and mind and meet tomorrow. Can you set your spirit free, open your mind and see that you are soaring. Soaring to places yet unknown to where your soul has grown. You can be there. Leave your sorrow and your fears, limitations and your tears in the shadows. We are script writers after. We hear our spirit call us to a new day. Our lives continue to unfold, the greatest stories ever told we find our way there. Life’s sweet dark mystery is revealed as light and shadow in a field. We stand there. For more information please see Mary Lesher’s website, where you can check out her blogs!

Mary Olea Lesher (B.A. Liberal Studies) is a retired educator, author, singer and songwriter. She used her master’s work from 2008 to author a book called Return to the Soul of Your Child a No. 1 best seller in March of 2014 on Amazon. Lesher retired from teaching in 2010. Lesher created a musical program called Happy Sounds and sings in various venues.

1 comment to Change your mind! Change your life!

  • Judith Oldham

    What Ms. Lesher describes as a self help book is more of a delicious adventure through
    the power and magic that language can have on the formation of a soul through its adventures from infancy to maturity! Ms. Lesher is a spirited sprite who breaks into rhyme…. at any time…. it might enhance her message with freshness, vitality and fun. You will find it impossible not to lift and soar as her poetry and prose carry you easily upward, beyond but through, the magic of words.

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