Message from An Archangel

If you dread the holiday gatherings or are finding that negativity seems to be coming at you from every direction, Archangel Michael has a special message for you. The following message has been channeled and was not edited other than for typos, since my channeling work is done by giving my hands to the messenger and allowing them to type through my body. I found this method allows me to type what is coming through with less influence from my earthly experience. While sitting with the Krystagraph™ below, which I was guided to call Message from Michael, I posed the …CONTINUE READING HERE: Message from An Archangel

Receiving Guidance from Spirit

I’m often asked how to best tune into spiritual guidance and how do you know what is coming from spirit and what is from ego. Today, I’d like to share some of the tools that I use to communicate with my spirit guides. Journaling for Spiritual Guidance One of my favorite ways to receive spiritual guidance is through the process of journalling. This is not the type of journaling one might do, by writing about their day or their accomplishments, which is also quite helpful. This process of spiritual guidance journaling takes a bit of practice and learning how to …CONTINUE READING HERE: Receiving Spiritual Guidance from Beyond

Look into Her Eyes

I don’t know about you… All I had to do was take one look into this beautiful little girl’s eyes and I said yes. How about you? Will you say yes to her too?     Helping others during the holiday season is always something that brings me great joy. Another is the Joyful Smile a Child Shares on Christmas when they see their gifts under the Christmas tree. And another thing I love about the Holiday is listening to Christmas Music (I have a huge collection of Christmas Albums)! 🙂 You can help put a smile on a child’s …CONTINUE READING HERE: Look into Her Eyes

An Angel Intervenes...

I recently posted an article about angels that assist us and Cheryl on of my loyal readers, submitted her story of angel intervention. If you enjoy this story, please be sure to comment below. Angel Intervention by Cheryl… I was crossing a main road after a lunch break in the city where I live, (in New Zealand) with a garden area dividing the traffic lanes. There were several people bunched in the gap between the gardens waiting to cross to the the other side. Suddenly, I heard a ‘thumping noise’ that seemed to be getting closer and closer, and louder …CONTINUE READING HERE: An Angel Intervenes…

Angels Among Us

A beautiful reader, Geraldine, offered this poem she wrote and I loved it so much I had to share it. Please feel free to share it freely as our gift to Geraldine! Angels Among Us By Geraldine Henein The hands that give to those in need The heart that loves in faith and deed The voice that speaks the truth decrees These are angels among us. The common cause to help all those Whether they be friends or foes The compassion for all so lovingly grows These are angels among us. The forgetting of self to the service to others …CONTINUE READING HERE: Angels Among Us