Please review the following Frequently Asked Questions before contacting our support team.

Where do the Symbols come from? 

The symbols come from a Higher Source. I am frequently asked if they come from Pleiades or some other planetary group. Although they may, I do not ask those questions. I feel that they come from the source that some may call, God, Spirit, Source Energy, Infinite Intelligence, Allah, Mohammed, Krishna, Buddha, etc. What is important is that the image have a power to transform our energy in a positive way and they are safe and effective. I think that when we get caught up in this need to know it is our way of allowing ourselves to become distracted from the real essence.

How Important are the Colors to the Effectiveness of the Image?

The colors used in each image are very specific to the energy transmission that enters the body when you are using the images. Spirit was clear with me that the colors must be used as they are part of the energy of the image. When printing the symbols, you must print them in full color to get receive the energy they are created to provide to you.

How should I use the images?

The primary way to use the images is by absorbing the energy into the body through the palm of your non-dominant hand. You can do this either by printing the images in full color and holding them in your hand, or placing your hand on top of the image. You can also hold your palm just slightly away from your computer monitor to receive the energy of the image as well, when you don’t have a printer available.

Are there other ways that the images can be used?

My recommendation to everyone is to allow your inner guidance to show how to best use the images for you. Here are some of the various ways that people have found them to be very useful.

  1. Place them in your work space and connect with the energy as you notice them throughout your day.
  2. Get a clear image in your mind of the Krystagraph™, and then close your eyes and visualize them. Some people report that when doing this the image turned into a 3D image.
  3. Gaze at the image with your full focus on the image
  4. Place the image against your skin, anywhere on your body, based on where you are guided to place it. You can us “First Aid” tape to make this work. If you use tape be sure to move the symbol to a different location each time, so that you don’t start having problems with the glue on the tape.
  5. Place the image, so it it facing inward on a bottle of your favorite beverage (preferably water) and let it charge it for at least 15 minutes (longer is not a problem), and then enjoy drinking in the energy. I like to intend that my body is getting exactly what it needs from the Krystagraph™, as I am drinking the charged beverage. It is best to do this on a glass container rather than plastic.

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