Surviving & Thriving With Negative People All Around You

Have you ever felt like you were being pulled down by all of the negativity around you? The people that are always complaining about something? The one’s that are constantly gossiping about someone else? Do you find that you want to fit in, but just don’t like all of the negative back stabbing and complaining? Or have you been caught up in all of that gossip and complaining and you just want to change things? If any of this sounds familiar, I can totally relate and today I’m going to share some of my favorite tools and strategies for surviving …CONTINUE READING HERE: Surviving & Thriving With Negative People All Around You

Finding Treasure

I enjoy supporting people to find their inner treasure and their inner healer. Doing so fills me to the brim with joy and happiness. Finding their inner treasure is just the first step though. For many of the people that I help to find their inner treasure, when they find it, they aren’t sure how they would ever have the time and/or money to fulfill their inner treasure. In some cases they work full-time, and/or they are full-time parents or caregivers or even live on a limited income because they are retired or disabled. Their budgets and time are stretched …CONTINUE READING HERE: Finding Treasure

Lost Pony

Most of you have probably heard the story about the boy digging through the manure and when asked what he was doing, he said with all this manure, there has to be a pony in here somewhere. You see to me this parable is all about the lost opportunity most of us miss when something happens to us that is devastating or at least not what we would have consciously chosen, Why, because most of us are so busy blaming others and feeling sorry for ourselves when something doesn’t go our way, or something “bad” that we miss the “Golden …CONTINUE READING HERE: Lost Pony

Short Cuts to Profoundly Changing Your Beliefs

I meet a lot of people who have done affirmations for a long period of time without great results if any improvement at all. I too struggled to get my affirmations to work. For a long time I found doing affirmation to be a hit or miss situation and I was puzzled as to why they worked sometime and yet didn’t other times. Here are a few tips that I have found to work effectively. First and foremost, you’ll want to be sure your affirmations are starting where you are currently and bridging forward from there. This means you’ll need …CONTINUE READING HERE: Short Cuts to Profoundly Changing Your Beliefs

Change your mind! Change your life!

“Return to the Soul of Your Child” is a self-help book that gives information about two important psychological tools that we can use to help ourselves or children in our lives. Self-efficacy and guided or mediated language can help us to re-pattern ourselves. My book is supported by academic studies and these two important tools can be used to assist us to expand our personal horizons. If you are a pioneer soul that prefers to do their own inner work, you can analyze your own mind set and discover what are the recurring thoughts that enter your mind scape every …CONTINUE READING HERE: Change your mind! Change your life!

The Power of the Mind for Healing Oneself

I joined Steve Toth and his co-hosts, Jamie and Rosie as we talked about the How to Use the Power of the Mind to Heal Ourselves. I think you’ll enjoy our discussion and will find some valuable insights that each of us shared. This show was produced by Steve Toth and Conscious Evolution Media, visit their site for more great shows and check out their YouTube Channel here! Please share your thoughts about the power of the mind for self-healing, in the comments area below. Your thoughts may be just the perfect message someone else reading this may need to …CONTINUE READING HERE: The Power of the Mind for Healing Oneself

Working with a Positive Attitude Partner

One of the keys I have found for successfully changing my mindset is to have a Positive Attitude Partner. A Positive Attitude Partner needs to be someone who will lovingly support you by reflecting back to you any of your negative self-talk. It’s important that you also get to reflect back to them as well when they are talking negatively about themselves. We frequently get into a habit of talking negatively about ourselves or as we speak we judge ourselves, all on auto pilot. By having a loving, supportive Positive Attitude Partner we have someone that helps us notice those …CONTINUE READING HERE: Working with a Positive Attitude Partner