How Your Spirituality Can Change Your Life & the World

What You Put Your Attention on is What You Create We’ve all heard that what we focus on is what we create. So why is it that it seems that more people today are focused on negative news than ever before. Some of my most spiritual friends are suddenly mentioning negative events that have happened. In fact, it seems that although I stopped watching the news or reading news, over 20 years ago, that suddenly I am finding myself drawn into news because either my computer browser or my phone shows me stories, or a friend brings up the latest …CONTINUE READING HERE: How Your Spiritual Practice Can Change Your Life & the World

Overcoming Anxiety & Stress

Do you find yourself suffering from anxiety and stress? If so, you are not alone… According to the National Institute of Mental Health (NIH)… The average onset age of anxiety is 11 years old Anxiety is prevalent annually in more than 18% of the US population Women are 60% more likely to suffer from anxiety than men Black people are 20% less likely to suffer from anxiety than white people Hispanic people are 30% less likely to suffer from anxiety than white people The thing is that those numbers represent only the people whose stress and anxiety has been diagnosed …CONTINUE READING HERE: Overcoming Anxiety & Stress

International Day of Peace

As a reminder of the importance of creating Peace, people come together every year for the International Day of Peace. That’s a start, yet real peace doesn’t just happen one day per year. Real peace happens by finding peace within and then practicing being more peaceful, loving and supportive, of yourself. Once you have become more peaceful within, you’ll discover how much more peaceful the people are that you attract. Let’s join together and make a commitment to practice peace everyday, and change the world, one person at a time. I hope that you enjoy this video that shares several …CONTINUE READING HERE: International Day of Peace

Is Stress Making You Sick?

According to the American Psychological Association… “Chronic stress — stress that interferes with your ability to function normally over an extended period — is becoming a public health crisis.” According to the Statistic Brain Research Institute and American Institute of Stress…“77% of people regularly experience physical symptoms caused by stress and 76% Cited money and work as the leading cause of their stress”. Chances are that you either suffer from stress or known people who do. Here are some simple things you can do to overcome that stress and be healthier! I trust that you enjoyed the video and I’d …CONTINUE READING HERE: Is Stress Making You Sick?

Meditation May Reduce Sleep Requirements

Sleep Less – Enjoy Life More… Yes, I really mean it… Not sleepless but Sleep Less. 🙂 Most people go to bed and are restless throughout the night. They don’t get the proper rest they need, even when they are sleeping for the prescribed 8 hours. Yet, there may be a way to get more rest in less time, by practicing meditation. Many years ago, I heard that meditation was a way to reduce the your hours of sleep. Initially I noticed that I slept more soundly on the days I meditated, and I was more relaxed and less stressed, …CONTINUE READING HERE: Meditation May Reduce Sleep Requirements

The Beauty of Living in the Present Moment

Most of us live either fretting about the past or worrying about the future. We continually rehash in our mind the event that occurred, especially those events that had a negative impact on us. Or worse yet we talk about it with every person we speak to. Reliving every moment as though it just happened. For many of us it has become such a habit that we don’t even notice that we are doing it and worse yet we miss things that are happening all around us in the moment. The habit of looking at the past is ingrained into …CONTINUE READING HERE: The Beauty of Living in the Present Moment

What is Happiness?

How do you define happiness? Are you happy occasionally, all of the time, or somewhere in between? Here are my thoughts and some suggested ways to be happy all of the time (well at least most of the time :-)))! According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary, happiness is defined as: a state of well-being and contentment: joy a pleasurable or satisfying experience It has been my experience that most people define happiness using the second definition above and that for the most part, they are not happy. In the US and Western culture in general, we have come to define …CONTINUE READING HERE: Finding Happiness

Brain Wave Training

Often I am asked: how do I know if it works for people? Is it a subjective-only result? This is a question only asked prior to people actually using the protocols, for after using them, especially for any dedicated time with consistency – they know. Brain Training works, it is well researched and documented in universities and medical studies across the world. And these results are evidenced scientifically by EEG machines. So when I create a product that stimulates the brain, I can physically measure its effectiveness. I literally have people come into my office and strap EEG machines onto …CONTINUE READING HERE: Brain Wave Training

Journey to Inner Peace - Part 2

  In part 1 of the Journey to Inner Peace I talked about how your energy is affected by negativity and I provided a video and exercise for you to do, so that you could learn to feel how your energy is being affected by the outside world, both positively and negatively. Today, I’m going to delve into some of the steps you can take to find inner peace. I asked Spirit… What is the fastest way for people to find more inner peace? Spirit Said… The first step to finding more inner peace is to notice the things around …CONTINUE READING HERE: Journey to Inner Peace – Part 2

Journey to Inner Peace

I wanted to share my thoughts on finding Inner Peace, which in my opinion is the only way we can create World Peace. As many or you know, I rarely ever watch or read any news. My well meaning friends are on top of that and if they think I need to know about something, they keep me informed. So, hence the reason for my delay on what I am about to share. After the attack on February 13th in Paris, the French leader retaliated by bombing Syria, just 2 days later. As, I heard this news, I immediately began …CONTINUE READING HERE: Journey to Inner Peace – Part 1