Streets of Charlottesville

Earlier this year I was given the gift of being able to visit with the beautiful lakefront home, of my friends Misa Hopkins and Jeff Burger, located just outside of Charlottesville, VA. I met many of their friends, went into town several times and walked the streets of beautiful Charlottesville and even visited some of the beautiful monuments of times gone by. So, when things turned horribly wrong on August 12th of this year, it was personal to me. It brought tears to my eyes and an ache in my heart. I couldn’t even imagine how Misa and Jeff were …CONTINUE READING HERE: Streets of Charlottesville

How to Channel Your Anger

Fight, Resist, Stop… No I don’t mean that I want you to do any of those things to channel your anger!! I can hardly open a browser these days, or my email, without seeing a message suggesting that we need to “Fight” this or “Resist” that or “Stop” this. In most cases I sense Fear, Hatred and Anger. Yes, we want change the things these emails and articles are talking about, but fighting, anger and hatred is never the answer. So, today, I want to invite you to consider the idea that “Real Change” comes from Love NOT Fear. If …CONTINUE READING HERE: How to Channel Your Anger

Praying for The Highest Good

There are Risks & Rewards when you Pray for the Highest Good. I recently suggested that we all join James Twyman to meditate with the intention that the results of our election would be for our highest good. The risk is to do this, without any attachment to what you want the result to be, which is not an easy task, but frankly it can be rewarding if you are willing to look deeply for the good in everything. I firmly believe that it is always best to let go of the need to control by surrendering to what is …CONTINUE READING HERE: Praying for The Highest Good

A Special Message from a Little Giant

This little giant has what I believe may be the biggest heart in the world. Watch this two minute video.

How to Make People Smile

I fell in love with this little guy the moment I saw this video and I guaranteed it will make you smile and fall in love with him too!

The Long Journey to Cleveland

Described by readers as compelling, inspirational and a testament to the human spirit, this true story is a must read, especially in these times of global turmoil and violence. The book, “The Long Journey to Cleveland”, begins in 1938 in Europe as two vastly different families, separated by a huge religious and cultural chasm await their fates, one with renewed hope, the other with apprehension as World War II and the Holocaust loom ahead. Ten-year old Marile, a Catholic girl living with her family in small-town Muhldorf, Germany had proudly presented Adolf Hitler with a bouquet of flowers, spent seven …CONTINUE READING HERE: The Long Journey to Cleveland

Yoga and the Bigger Picture

Marty Tita Tulum ..Tulum Mexico When I am ready to immerse myself in an hour of practicing yoga, I first sit in a lotus pose with my hands in prayer position over my heart. I then softly recite words out loud that I created a while back to help me slow down and connect to a higher power, gratitude and the blessing of being alive. Those words are, “I will do whatever you want me to do, for as long as you allow me to be in this body.” This is my way to come into a quiet, more humble …CONTINUE READING HERE: Yoga and the Bigger Picture

Staying in Love

Sustaining intimacy and fulfillment in a romantic relationship can be challenging. Often couples find themselves lacking true connection with each other as the daily routine of their lives take over. Here are a few essential “Do’s” and “Don’ts” to create a long lasting, meaningful relationship. Do’s Breathe to calm the unending chatter in your mind All of us have some sort of constant commentary running in our heads. This chatter keeps us from fully being in the present moment – the place where true intimacy arises. When we can drop out of our “story,” i.e. our mind chatter, we can …CONTINUE READING HERE: Staying in Love

Genesis Clearing - Creating The Perfect Relationship

Are you living the love that you have always dreamed of? Are you with someone that you love, and would like to know how to make it even better? Do you wonder if you will ever find your soulmate and settle down for life? Love relationships are something that transcends all boundaries, cultures, lifestyles, and personalities. From early on in age, most are thinking about finding their perfect match, that one and only person that they just can’t live without. They are dreaming of a love that lasts a lifetime. As life goes on we can meet with great frustration …CONTINUE READING HERE: Genesis Clearing – Creating The Perfect Relationship