About Krystagraphs™

Krystagraphs™ are colored drawings that are used for shifting your energy, for the purpose of clearing energy, clearing negative emotions and beliefs as well as healing the body, mind and spirit.

How they work…

Krystagraphs™ work on the principal that everything is energy and that we are all affected by all energy that we connect with. Krystagrahs work on the same principals used in Dr. Emoto’s work, where he clearly shows the effects of words and images on water. With our body being 70% water, we can clearly see how we are affected by those same principals.

So, by looking at, touching visualizing or taking in the energy through liquids that have absorbed their energy, your energy body is affected. Healing images work by repairing and/or replacing missing or damaged energy in your energy field. In many cases the effect is instantaneous, typically 20 seconds. These shifts can be profound and are sometimes lasting, although for most people, additional work is required to heal the underlying beliefs and emotions that created the health challenge to begin with.

How Krystagraphs came to be…

In 2001, after discovering a golf ball sized lump in her breast, Krystalya sought out healers to help her eliminate the lump from her breast. Since Krystalya had already had some success with shifting energy within her body, and a sound understanding of the principals of mind-set and emotions, as well as their effect on our physical body, she was determined to find a natural solution for healing her body. After trying everything she knew to do, she began working with a variety of energy healers and modalities and although the lump would changes shapes occasionally, it seemed as though nothing was actually working.

After nearly a year of seeking out alternative healing methods, a Medical Intuitive suggested to Krystalya, that she needed to start drawing the images floating in her aura. Initially Krystalya dismissed the comment, as she had a belief that she had no artistic skills and joked regularly that she couldn’t draw a straight line with a ruler. During Krystalya’s next meditation period, she began seeing images, which she immediately began drawing. During that first session she drew over 60 different images. Although none of them were complete, the basic outlines were drawn. None of them were identified with regards to what they were for, and although it was clear that each image was to be a specific color, those specific colors did not initially come through. After about 2 weeks, the first Krystagraph, known as Love & Trust was complete. This particular symbol was important in the process, as Krystalya needed to really trust the process and trust what was about to happen. Today, Krystalya offers that symbol to everyone who registers for her newsletter as her gift with the intention you to will learn to trust the guidance you receive as well.

A week later Krystalya had completed two additional Krystagraph’s; The Angel of Self-Nurturing and another image that looked like a Jelly fish. She was guided to share the second image with the Medical Intuitive, so that she could use it to remove the poison from a Brown Recluse spider bite that she had healed, but had not gotten all of the poison. After one brief session the poison was removed from the bite.

Subsequently, Krystalya received guidance and a specific process to use the first three symbols; 1. Love and Trust (for trusting the process of what was about to happen), 2. The Angel of Self-Nurturing (problems with the breast are an indication that we are not nurturing ourselves) and 3. Lump and Poison Removal (the one that looked lie a Jelly fish) for the purpose of removing the lump from her breast. In one brief 20 minute process, using these Krystagraphs and the process, the lump was gone.

Since then Krystalya has created over 500 Krystagraph’s, which she shares with 1000’s of people around the world, along with specific processes to support the healing process.

How Krystagraphs are created…

Each Krystagraph is drawn by Krystalya while in a quiet meditative state, as she is guided to create the shape, and color the image using a variety of medium, all of which are guided during the drawing process. Many times the images come to Krystalya as doodles that are later identified as to what they will help with, as she tunes into the energy and discovers the colors and medium to be used to create the final product. Other times, Krystalya receives a request for an image, at which time she goes into a meditative state, to be guided to create the image. Krystalya also draws Krystagraph that are unique to an individual as well, by tuning into the individuals energy field, and asking for guidance to draw the perfect image to support the individual.

Where the Krystagraphs come from…

Krystalya is frequently asked this question… Her answer is very simple. They come from source, the universal intelligence that is our creator and the creator of all that is. Krystalya says, that she is just a channel who receives the images through a meditative state.

The meaning of the various components that make up the Krystagraphs…

Each Krystagraph consists of 3 components.

  1. Golden outer circle – which is an energetic grid of protection. Her spirit guides tell her that gold is the highest vibrational color on planet earth and has the ability to block out negative energy while allowing pure love energy through. When using the Krystagraph, you will receive pure love energy during the period of time you are interacting with the image.
  2. Images that look like a lower case letter “e”. The two at the top of the circle are done in gold with green centers, while the two at the bottom of the circle are gold with violet centers. These are used to lock the energy of the central image of the Krystagraph into your body’s energy field for long term healing. The green centers in the top two locks is locking in the healing power of pure love, while the violet energy in the two lower locks is locking in the frequency of total and complete healing.
  3. The center component of the Krystagraph, is a unique image that carries forward the energy for the specific healing or energy shifting that is required.

How to use the symbols…

There are several recommended ways to use Krystagraphs, and many others way that people find them useful.  Krystalya recommends that you try the ideas suggested below and any other method that you are intuitively guided to do. Krystalya’s students have been her greatest teacher when it comes to finding many different ways to use the Krystagraphs.

  1. Look at the symbol long enough to connect to it and have a clear idea of what the image looks like.
  2. Place the symbol in your non-dominant hand with the image of the symbol facing your palm (or place the palm of your hand on the symbol), close your eyes, and take a deep breath. If possible, visualize the symbol as you do so.
  3. Continue to hold the symbol and/or visualize the symbol until you sense that you are “complete.”
  4. Carry the symbols in your pocket.
  5. Wear the symbol against your body, by using either first aid tape, or sticking it inside of your clothing where it will stay in place on it’s own.
  6. Place the symbols under your pillow or inside of your pillow case, while you sleep, or under the sheet where you lay.
  7. Energize your water with the images by taping the symbol on your water bottle with the image facing inward toward the water.




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