Affirmations Not Working for YOU?

Are your affirmations working for you? Most people who do affirmations regularly, don’t actually get the results that they are wanting and for many they give up.

I remember a time in my life that affirmations didn’t work for me. I studied the power of the mind and the power of positive thinking. I created positive affirmations. I said my affirmations at least once per day, while looking into the mirror, because that is what I had learned was supposed to work. Yes, I saw minor changes happen in my life, but the effect certainly wasn’t what I was anticipating, based on what I had read.

If this sound familiar to you and you are frustrated with the results you’ve had with affirmations and the law-of-attraction, then the insights I have to share, just might help you get better results.

There are a few things that most people don’t teach us about doing affirmations that can make a huge difference.

Get the Energy Flowing

If we have stuck energy caused by us having emotional trauma and our beliefs, then the affirmations aren’t going to get to our unconscious mind. It’s like trying to get a river to flow through a rock. Instead the river flows around the rock, erodes the rock and eventually it gets through, but it takes a long time. If we instead remove the rock, by clearing the energy flow, than the path to making the changes we desire is easier.

One of the simplest ways to clear the blocks in our energy flow, is to use the Chakra Opening Krystagraph™, included with a subscription to my newsletter. Within 20 seconds the blocks are cleared and the energy is flowing. Doing your affirmations immediately after opening your chakras helps the affirmations to work more effectively and efficiently for you.

With the use of Applied Kinesiology (AK), (with your free newsletter subscription, you’ll receive information about AK),  you can take this one step further to determine where your energy system has blocks and work with the specific chakra, related to the issue you are working with. By working with the specific chakra, you will find that you can clear the block on a more permanent basis, which will help you to change your beliefs more quickly.

In my book One-Minute Energy Tune-Up ~ Power Symbols for Balanced Energy, you’ll find an explanation of each Chakra along with  specific symbols for clearing each Chakra.

Finding the Underlying Belief

Many of us have deeply rooted underlying beliefs that are keeping us stuck. In fact those deeply rooted beliefs, if not uprooted and cleared out of the way, may cause our affirmations to never change our lives. Think about it this way…

If you have a deeply rooted belief that directly opposes the new belief you are trying to create with the affirmation, then the likelihood of the new affirmation taking hold, is slim and none. For example, one of my biggest challenges was learning to love myself and learning to build my self-worth and self-esteem. I worked on this issue for more than 13 years with a talk therapist, and although things got somewhat better, I was still a workaholic and was unhappy. I started believing that it wouldn’t get any better than that and actually thought that I had really resolved my self-esteem issues.

Then I met a new teacher, and through one simple muscle checking session showed me that I have a belief that I “God would punish me if I loved myself”. In that moment I understood why all of the work with affirmations wasn’t making a big difference in my life. In my book One-Minute Energy Tune-Up ~ Power Symbols for Balanced Energy, I share tools for finding your underlying beliefs, clearing them and more.

Without clearing these underlying beliefs you are instead creating a continual internal battle, which not only depletes your energy, but doesn’t move you forward in the direction that you need to go. By changing the underlying belief first, and bridging forward from where you are to where you want to be with your beliefs, you will make the most progress the quickest on your route to changing your life. This bridging consists of a series of affirmations that build on each other. Here is a short example of bridging statements I used to move from God is going to punish me if I love myself to loving myself fully.

  1. I desire God’s love when I love myself.
  2. I deserve God’s love when I love myself.
  3. I am able to receive God’s love when I love myself.
  4. I am receiving God’s love when I love myself.
  5. God loves me when I love myself.
  6. I desire to love myself

This list would continue on and in my case the list became about 70 affirmations, that I repeated twice per day, in the mirror, until each affirmation felt true to me, before moving to the next. In addition, I wrote each affirmation in red once per day. In my book  One-Minute Energy Tune-Up ~ Power Symbols for Balanced Energy you’ll find more details on how to do this bridging and how to use Krystagraphs™ for Belief Replacement for an easier, faster process.

In the comments box below, let me know your most important question about changing your beliefs, or share the biggest ah ha moment you’ve had in changing your beliefs.


2 comments to Affirmations Not Working for YOU?

  • Kristina,

    I’m happy to hear that you found this information helpful and wish you the best in finding and clearing the underlying blocks.

    Love, Light & Laughter,


  • Kristina Khabalashvili

    And thank you very much for this brief, but so influential for me, article. I have 14 years of experience working with subconscious with variable success. It obviously changed my life, the way of thinking and assessing my inner and outer. But I still have couple of issue, which I am struggling to resolve and I felt it must be due to some types of blocks (fears, beliefs). Today, after reading this article, I realized how really important it is to identify and remove these blocks in order to continue the movement.
    Thank you!

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