Streets of Charlottesville

Earlier this year I was given the gift of being able to visit with the beautiful lakefront home, of my friends Misa Hopkins and Jeff Burger, located just outside of Charlottesville, VA. I met many of their friends, went into town several times and walked the streets of beautiful Charlottesville and even visited some of the beautiful monuments of times gone by. So, when things turned horribly wrong on August 12th of this year, it was personal to me. It brought tears to my eyes and an ache in my heart. I couldn’t even imagine how Misa and Jeff were …CONTINUE READING HERE: Streets of Charlottesville

United Healing

In commemoration of the people who lost their lives 15 years ago, I am reminded just how important it is for us to all heal our own wounds. To honor those who lost their life in the events of September 11, 2001 and the victims of terrorist attacks around the world, now is your chance to start the healing process. You see it takes each and every one of us to heal our own wounds to stop the hatred and begin to create more peace within. It’s easy to be angry with the people who commit these crimes and easy …CONTINUE READING HERE: United Healing

The Long Journey to Cleveland

Described by readers as compelling, inspirational and a testament to the human spirit, this true story is a must read, especially in these times of global turmoil and violence. The book, “The Long Journey to Cleveland”, begins in 1938 in Europe as two vastly different families, separated by a huge religious and cultural chasm await their fates, one with renewed hope, the other with apprehension as World War II and the Holocaust loom ahead. Ten-year old Marile, a Catholic girl living with her family in small-town Muhldorf, Germany had proudly presented Adolf Hitler with a bouquet of flowers, spent seven …CONTINUE READING HERE: The Long Journey to Cleveland

The Realization that Leads to Genuine Letting Go

By Guy Finley We all know exactly what it is like to be certain we have let go of something sorrowful or worrisome, only to find ourselves in a similar sad situation moments later. Dropping this person and picking up that person doesn’t end the loneliness that drives us into dead-end relationships. This isn’t letting go. We have only managed to put the emptiness on hold. Changing jobs to get away from someone or something that sets us off doesn’t cancel our conflict. This just delays the inevitable angry feelings that always surface whenever we feel threatened. Our anger cannot …CONTINUE READING HERE: The Realization that Leads to Genuine Letting Go

Jump the Fence and Run For It!

– by Francis Rico Referring to our “human situation,” ancient wisdom traditions have long said that we are unwitting residents of a “barnyard” – and, that along with having been co-opted as a resource for the benefit of the “Masters”, we have become complacent and co-operative with our captors in response to our need to be cared for. Representing the path of personal freedom, shamans have always placed their allegiance with nature, with the wild and free, rather than with the “safety” and well fed organization of the barnyard. No matter how well cared for, barnyard creatures are still dinner …CONTINUE READING HERE: Jump the Fence and Run For It!