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Healing Your Emotional Turbulence

Emotional TurbulenceDo you feel as though your emotions are running your life? Do you get caught up in the drama of the daily news or the drama in your own life?

With so many changes happening in our lives, it’s no wonder emotions can be running hot and cold, up and down like a wild roller coaster ride.

If this sounds familiar I want you to know that their is hope and a light at the end of the tunnel. You can end the emotional roller coast ride, get rid of the stress and live a happier and healthier life.

As I am writing , we are in the middle of a pandemic, and emotions are really running high. We are staying at home, possibly out of work, concerned about our livelihood, our health or the health of a loved one.

When things like the current pandemic show up, our suppressed emotions are far more likely to show up, too. We are suddenly unable to escape and avoid our emotions and feelings, because we can’t go anywhere or do the things we are used to doing to avoid facing our inner feelings. For many people “doing” or “shopping” are coping mechanisms and ways to avoid our feelings,  and suddenly we are out of things to do and those suppressed emotions are staring us in the face.

Fear and Anger seem to be the two most prevalent negative emotions in our lives and are showing up more than ever  during these trying times.

The truth is though that whether we are in a high stress situation like the current pandemic, or just living a stressful “normal” life, emotions can really keep us off balance, stressed and anxious. Avoiding by doing may be a coping mechanism, but over the long haul it is not healthy and will either catch up with us by causing us an illness, lack of success, poor relationships or any combination of these.

Why clearing the Fear and Anger will Help You Stay Healthier

According to various health resources the current COVID 19 virus causes breathing problems and those who already have problems with breathing, lower blood oxygen levels and a compromised immune system, are more likely to be in danger of a severe if not fatal response to this virulent virus.

That’s why it’s important to clear any fear or anger issues, so that you are able to build up your lungs and immune system energetically. Of course you will also want to do some physical things as well. Just keep in mind that our unconscious feelings and emotions can wreck havoc on our health if they are not addressed.

Fear – Fear that is suppressed, rather than addressed can cause all type of health issues. Here are a few that are very specific to the current Pandemic.

  1. Breathing and Lung issues are related to our inability to “take in life”, and may be related to issues such as feeling unworthy or not good enough to fully live and enjoy life.
    1. Shutdown Heart Chakra
  2. Sore throat can relate to our fear of people not liking what we have to say, or fear that what we have to say will not be heard.
    1. Shutdown Throat Chakra
  3. Inflammation can be caused by fear

Anger – Suppressed anger can also cause health issues when not addressed, and instead suppressed. Here are a few that are specific to the current COVID 19

  1. Fever – Relates to anger burning up inside of you.
  2. Inflammation can also be caused by anger – “seeing red”, or inflamed thinking.
  3. Depression – Feeling hopeless or anger at yourself for feeling angry about something that you believe you have a no right to be angry about.
    1. Shutdown Crown Chakra

Immune system disorders can also cause you to be more likely to contract COVID 19 or have a harder time restoring your health. Here are some of the specific diseases and the related emotional causes that you may want to address.

  1. Diabetes – Fear that you will never find sweetness in your life or anger because you feel unable to control things in your life, or even deep sorrow.
    1. Shutdown Solar Plexus and/or Heart Chakra
  2. Bowel and Digestion issues – can be related to fear of letting go of the old and familiar, fear of change.
    1. Shutdown Sacral Chakra and/or Root Chakra

Steps to start healing from these emotions.

  1. Open and Balance Your Chakras each time you sense a negative thought or emotion. To do so use the Chakra Opening and Balancing Krystagraph™ below by holding the palm of your non-dominate hand near the monitor for 20 seconds.
  2. Discover the root cause of the negative emotions and begin releasing them as they come up. By this I mean, do not just assume that the emotion that you are feeling is the root emotion, but dig deeper to find the emotion that the emotion is based on. If the emotion you are working with is fear based, go here to access a free sample of the releasing fears process.
  3. Determine which chakras are shutdown and work with the specific chakra symbols along with the affirmations recommended for each. You can do this by using Muscle Checking/Applied Kinesiology. Go here for a free report, if you don’t know how to do muscle checking
  4. Forgive yourself or others. Blame and/or berating oneself just continues the cycle and causes the health challenges to become greater and greater. I have found that forgiveness is the key to full healing of any issue.

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Releasing Negative Feelings & Emotions eBook

Included are the following Krystagraphs™ and processes for releasing negative feelings and emotions...

                                                    1.   Chakra Opening & Balancing
                                                    2.   Love & Trust
                                                    3.   Removing Blocks
                                                    4.   Releasing Fear
                                                    5.   Overcoming Abandonment
                                                    6.   Overcoming Guilt
                                                    7.   Hereditary Genetic Release
                                                    8.   DNA Repatterning
                                                    9.   Release the Past
                                                  10.   Letting Go of Control
                                                  11.   Releasing Anger - Feminine Energy
                                                  12.   Releasing Anger - Masculine Energy
                                                  13.   Love & Forgiveness Specific
                                                  14.   Forgiveness - Non-specific

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Creating More Peace & Love to Transform Our Lives

Let’s change our world into a More Peaceful Loving Place where all are honored and loved for who they are!

I have never shared this particular story publicly, because I didn’t know how this story would be relevant to you as a reader. Then a few days ago, I received an invitation to a Global Violet Flame Healing event to help transform the planet through the group power of Peace and Love. I was asked to invite every one I know to join in this global event and so, you are now officially invited! In fact, no matter where you are on the planet, you will have an opportunity to join this event because it is set to replay every 30 minutes for a full 24 hours. You can also join in as many times as you like during the 24 hour period.

You can go here to register and learn more or continue reading and find a copy of the World Peace Symbol and Meditation as my gift to you.

Here’s Why this Event is Important to Me!

In 1984 I started to date a man who later became my second husband. The day I met his father, was one of those days that pivotally changed my life in an instance, although at the time, I didn’t really know that anything had changed. As I embraced Simon (my husband’s father), I immediately knew that I knew him. Our connection was so strong that family members seemed almost jealous of how connected we were. I couldn’t explain it, and neither of us talked about that feeling. Simon was in his 80’s at the time, and had been a survivor as a Jewish Prisoner in the concentration camps in Germany during WWII.

My husband (Rudy) and I lived in the Detroit Metropolitan area at the time, while his parents lived in Cleveland, Oh, about a 3.5 hour drive, so we didn’t visit often. Rudy’s mother, Marile, was Simon’s second wife, they met when Simon was released from the German concentration camps and she was a Hitler youth who was working at the hospital where he was placed when he was released, weighing only 85 lbs.

Rudy would get calls from his mother, telling him how sick Simon was getting and she was getting concerned. So, we would make plans to go visit and as soon as he heard that we were coming, he would start feeling better, and when we would arrive, he would always ask me, if I would go out jogging with him. After this happened a few times, Rudy and Marile started recognizing a pattern, but didn’t know what to make of it.

In my heart of hearts, I knew that I had been Simon’s first wife during WWII and that I and our children had not survived, but I never said a word. After nearly 10 years of marriage, I decided I wanted a divorce. One evening as Rudy and I were speaking, he told me that he had told his parents that we were splitting up and Simon asked to see me one last time. That was when I finally explained to Rudy my connection with his father and I told him, that it wasn’t time yet for me to see his father and that when I did see him, he would only live a few short weeks, because I would be delivering the a message of forgiveness, to let him know that he could let go of the guilt he had carried with him all of the years after the war for not looking for me and his children, because we were already dead. Rudy wasn’t at all surprised, which shocked me and he agreed to tell his father that I didn’t feel it was the right time, but that when the time came, I would come and see him.

Nearly two years later, I knew it was time to make the call. I reminded Rudy that his father would probably not last more than a few weeks after I meet with him and that he should let his siblings know, so that they could plan to visit him soon. Instead, Rudy decided to tell his entire family the whole story and that I would be delivering the message of forgiveness.

The result… His family decided I was a “Witch” and that I could not come to visit his father. But because Rudy shared the story and the message of forgiveness, my visit wasn’t necessary anyway, and he passed within a few short weeks. My understanding is that the Rabbi at Simon’s funeral actually said that the message of forgiveness was a blessing for Simon and what he needed to know and release.

Why I am sharing this story…

By now you are probably wondering why I am sharing this story, with an announcement of a Global Event for healing the planet…

So, here goes…

In November of 2016, on election night I went to bed knowing that Donald Trump was going to win the election. I was actually at peace with that outcome, not because I like the guy nor had I voted for him, but because I had prayed for weeks for us to elect the person that was for the highest good of everyone. The message I received as I was falling asleep was that this is the time for the light workers of the world to shine their light and bring love and peace to the planet. The following morning, as I awoke the Sirens at the end of the street I was living on at the time, went off. It wasn’t unusual for them to do a 1 minutes test, but they continued for more than an hour. Within about 5 minutes I sensed something was really wrong and immediately went to the Internet to see if there was a problem that I should be evacuating for, but nothing was found.

I began to sob uncontrollably, and I sobbed recognizing the sounds from my former lifetime. For me it was an indication that Mr Trump is our version of Adolf Hitler and that we needed to do as much as we could to create Peace and Love in the world to offset the hatred and the intentional distractions that he would be creating to cause us to give up our power. Since that day, I continue to meditate and send love to all of our world leaders trusting that in doing so I am helping to make changes in the world.

In my opinion this past 3 years has been our chance to become the change we want to see in the world. Sometimes it feels like we have made little progress in that area, and it’s easy to get caught up in the politics and the negativity. And, now we have a great chance to come together for a period of 24 hours to join people around the world for a Global Transmutation Power Shift

Violet Flame

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