The New Children Are Arriving

by Kenji Kumara They are being called by many names – The Children Of Oz, Indigos, Crystal, Golden, Dawn, The Golden Ones, Violet Ray & Psychic Kids. They are coming from different places within our Universe and Galaxy – The Pleiades (7 Sisters), Sirius B (a Star), Cassiopia, Aldebron, Arcturus, The Vega System (a Gate-way), Antares and a “Galaxy Far Far Away” (to use ‘a Star Wars term). These children volunteered to come to Earth to bring awareness, enlightenment, healing and a new way of culturing our environment and planet. Some are being born fully awakened and realized; others arrive …CONTINUE READING HERE: The New Children Are Arriving

Soulful and Radiant Living

To know your soul is to know true health. Only then can you reach radiant living. But most people find it hard to manage the common cold gracefully, let alone to live a fully soulful and radiant life. So, what is missing? What keeps you from feeling a complete sense of health and well-being? What is not quite right in your world? Perhaps more importantly, how do you know that something is missing or off track when you don’t even know what that “something” is? Our soul’s most natural state is that of unimpeded growth. Therefore, our soul’s evolution depends …CONTINUE READING HERE: Soulful and Radiant Living