The New Children Are Arriving

by Kenji Kumara They are being called by many names – The Children Of Oz, Indigos, Crystal, Golden, Dawn, The Golden Ones, Violet Ray & Psychic Kids. They are coming from different places within our Universe and Galaxy – The Pleiades (7 Sisters), Sirius B (a Star), Cassiopia, Aldebron, Arcturus, The Vega System (a Gate-way), Antares and a “Galaxy Far Far Away” (to use ‘a Star Wars term). These children volunteered to come to Earth to bring awareness, enlightenment, healing and a new way of culturing our environment and planet. Some are being born fully awakened and realized; others arrive …CONTINUE READING HERE: The New Children Are Arriving

Look into Her Eyes

I don’t know about you… All I had to do was take one look into this beautiful little girl’s eyes and I said yes. How about you? Will you say yes to her too?     Helping others during the holiday season is always something that brings me great joy. Another is the Joyful Smile a Child Shares on Christmas when they see their gifts under the Christmas tree. And another thing I love about the Holiday is listening to Christmas Music (I have a huge collection of Christmas Albums)! 🙂 You can help put a smile on a child’s …CONTINUE READING HERE: Look into Her Eyes

The Most “Mind Blowing” Way to Remove Stress From Your Life

Higher Brain Living®— The Revolutionary Procedure That Pumps An Energy Surge Into The Higher Brain, Instead Of The Reactive Lower Brain By Dr. Michael Cotton, Founder Higher Brain LivingÂŽ A recent study demonstrated that up to 90% of all medical doctors office visits are now a result of stress. Our primitive survival brain, or ‘lower brain’, is the part of our brain physiology that is responsible for ‘survival.’ It is a reactive part of our physiology that keeps us in the grip of stress, fear, anxiety, reactive impulse, addiction, and frustration. This region of our brain is resistant to change, …CONTINUE READING HERE: The Most “Mind Blowing” Way to Remove Stress From Your Life

Beliefs: Impact on Results - Steering Your Beliefs unto the Right Path

This is a quick post about expectations, what you expect will happen, what you actually believe will happen when you are either making an affirmation or deciding on goals you would like to achieve. It could also be in the way you deal with different events in your life. In my book Driving With the Brakes On, I discuss beliefs we have, and how they can be subtle, yet influence or steer an outcome, often without us knowing we have done so. It’s important to pay attention to what we expect will be the outcome. Just quickly see if it’s …CONTINUE READING HERE: Beliefs: Impact on Results – Steering Your Beliefs unto the Right Path

Prayer Request - Gregory

I would like to ask a special favor from everyone who reads this. On the morning of July 9th, my Oldest Great Nephew, was killed in an auto accident in Michigan. Gregory Liphard was only 26 years old and had served our country in the Marines in two tours of duty in Afghanistan and suffered from PTSD. I ask that you pray for my niece and her husband as well as Greg’s siblings and extended family, as they prepare to lay him to rest.   Your prayers are important to all of us to help us along our journey while …CONTINUE READING HERE: Prayer Request – Gregory

Remembering the Past without Living There!

Many of the people I meet including my clients, are stuck in the things that have passed, sometimes just moments ago, and sometimes decades ago. Does this sound like you? Of course we can’t actually live in the past, but what we can do is continually ruminate about the past. When we do this we end up giving that issue our energy for the moment and over the long haul that lost energy can drain us. When we are concerned about the future we again are giving our energy to that instead of devoting our energy to be in the …CONTINUE READING HERE: Tips for Letting Go of the Past?

Imagine This!

A leading edge quantum physics theorist (Dr Fred Alan Wolf’s Yoga Of Time Travel) now believes that time travel is possible. Even a professor at the University of Washington in Seattle applied for a grant to demonstrate and prove that time travel is real. Hypnotherapists can lead people back into time to change the present, which now changes the future (Back To The Future movie). Metaphysicians and yogis can travel into the future to change the present. Ever read Spaulding’s Life And Teachings Of The Masters Of The Far East? A true account. What if one thought could change your …CONTINUE READING HERE: Imagine This!

Why Love Heals by Dean Shrock, Ph.D.

Picture two lines together perfectly parallel. Then imagine them moving and waving together in perfect synchrony. Whatever one line does, the other does at the precise moment of the other. In fact, there is no way to determine which line moves first. They both follow each other, or follow some invisible force that conducts them in total harmony. Now imagine a bunch of lines moving, waving and vibrating in similar form. All peak and trough, move up and down, in absolute unison. These wavelengths can be all sizes, large and small, but all are perfectly aligned. All are singing …CONTINUE READING HERE: Why Love Heals by Dean Shrock, Ph.D.

Breathtaking & Inspirational

Before watching this video I have a question for you. If you had Cerebral Palsy, the use of one finger, a brilliant mind and a typewriter what would you do? I’d love to know what you come up with and what you think of this video. Now what’s stopping you from being, doing and having all that you dream of?

The Magnificent Truths about Guilt, Being Connected and Faith, by Daniel Parmeggiani!

Today, I have the great pleasure of being the host on Day 5 of Daniel Parmeggiani’s Virtual Blog Tour, whose new book, The Magnificent Truths of Our Existence, is currently celebrating its official launch. Daniel Parmeggiani is a modern-day spiritual teacher whose approach is unaligned with any particular religion or tradition. Driven by intense psychological turmoil when he was younger, Daniel discovered within himself a deeper reality that he says not only saved his life, but also showed him the way to permanent happiness and inner peace. Those revelations became the foundation of his book, The Magnificent Truths of Our …CONTINUE READING HERE: The Magnificent Truths about Guilt, Being Connected and Faith, by Daniel Parmeggiani!