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Name of Symbol Description
Abandonment – Overcoming & Releasing Used for the purpose of releasingand healing issues about being abandoned.There is a specific process that describes how to release the feeling of being abandoned
Abdomen A general overall health symbol,used to balance and or repair any imbalances in theabdomenal area between the organs in the abdomen tokeeping them functioning and working properlytogether
Acid Reflux Assists the body to heal acid reflux
Adenoids Used for healing and balancing theadenoid gland in children and helping the gland todo it’s part in preventing and overcoming infectionsin the throat and inner ear.  Since the adenoids typically disappear at puberty this symbol is specifically for childhood ailments or for anyone who for some reason still has their adenoids and is having a problem with tonsillitis or inner ear infections.
Adrenal Gland Balances the adrenals whether over stimulated,burned out, etc.
Age Renewal Stops the aging process andreverses it over time.
Air Purification & Oxygenation Cleans and oxygenates the air asyou breathe, while intending that your body getsonly clean oxygenated air and that your bodyreceived all of the clean oxygenated air that itneeds.
Alcohol & Drug Addiction Supports anyone addicted to alcoholor other drugs to overcome the addiction
Allergy – Itch & Rash along eye lids Relieves itching and rashes along the eye lids caused by allergies to makeup, eye drops, or airborne allergies.
Alzheimer’s Stops the destruction of braincells caused by Alzheimer’s and restores damagedbrain cells.
Amoeba Used for the purpose of removing Amoeba that are living within the human body
Anemia Restores the bodies chemistry andred blood cells and brings that body back intobalance alleviating Anemia.
Angel of Self Nurturing & Self Care Used to help you nurture yourselfduring the healing process.  Especiallyimportant when healing anything related to thefeminine part of our nature.
Anger – Release Anger & Frustration – Masculine Energy Used to release the anger that is that raging anger within.  Includes a specificprocess that describes how to release raging anger.
Anger – Release – Feminine Energy Used to release the seething or buried anger that is typical of women who do not react in rage but instead bury the anger and allow it to brew within.  Includes a specific process that describes how to release this type of anger.
Anxiety – Release & Relaxes Stressed Nervous System Used to release anxiety and relax a stressed nervous system.
Appendix Caution must be used when dealingwith the appendix.  If the appendix bursts it can be life threatening. This symbol can be used to stop an appendix attack but should only be used in conjunction with an immediate visit to a hospital.It is possible to stop the pain of an appendix attack and still have the appendix burst, so only use this symbol in conjunction with a visit to the hospital!
Arms & Hands Used to take care of any problems  with the arms and hands, such as stiff joints,numbness, sprains, strains, breaks, etc.  May need to be used in conjunction with other symbols based on what is causing the problem and/or the symptoms.
Arnica An energetic version of the mildnatural pain reliever that is sold in health foodstores.  Clients that use this image find it aseffective as the lotions and oils containing arnicafound in the health food stores.
Arthritis Helps to alleviate the symptoms ofarthritis.
Arthritis Pain Relief Helps to alleviate the painassociated with arthritis
Arthritis – Rheumatoid Helps to alleviate the symptoms ofRheumatoid arthritis
Auric Cleanse Cleanses the aura – it’s especially important for use when you are around toxic people or for healers, therapists, etc. who are working with toxic clients


Name of Symbol Description
B-12 Energetic equivalent of B-12 Supplement
Baby Delivery Easy Delivery for Mom & Baby, minimizes trauma to both mother and baby during the delivery.
Bacterial Infection Helps to alleviate bacterial infections and can be used for prevention as well as for someone who has recently suffered an injury where infection is a high risk.
Balance, Blood, Urine, Kidney & Halogen Energy Used for balancing the energy ofany of the following:  Blood, Urine, Kidney &Halogen Energy.  Used also to remove poisoningfrom Halogen energy – from halogen light bulbs andother sources of halogen.
B-Complex Energetic equivalent of B-Complex Supplement
Bee Sting Relief Helps to alleviate the effects on the body from a bee sting. Speeds up the healing process.
Beliefs – Straight Path to Core Beliefs Used for the purpose of identifying non-supportive beliefs and used in conjunction with the Belief Transformation Symbol.  After identifying new supportive belief for those identified as non-supportive this symbol is also used during the process of uprooting the old beliefs prior to installing new beliefs
Belief Transformation Used for identifying new supportive beliefs after using the Straight Path to Core Beliefs symbols and later, once you are clear about what you want to make your new supportive beliefs, it is used in the process of installing those new beliefs.
Biotin The energetic equivalent of thesupplement
Bi-Polar/Manic Depression Alleviates symptoms of Bi-Polar or Manic Depression – Does not replace the need for medications prescribed by doctors or other treatments
Bladder Cancer Helps in the healing process forbladder cancer
Bladder Helps to create a healthy bladder. Can be used to overcome a bladder infection with the emotional releases necessary to overcome whatever you are pissed off about.
Bleeding & Lesions in Colon Removes lesions in the colon andstops any bleeding associated with the lesions.
Blocked Channels – Opens Blocked Channels/Meridians Opens any blocked energy channels or meridians.
Blood Clot Helps in alleviating blood clots bydissolving them
Blood Pressure Level (Brings into balance whether low or high) Balances blood pressure whether itis too low or too high.
Blood – Revitalize & Build Blood
Blood Thinner
Bone Fractures
Bone Loss – Bone Cancer
Brain Integration – Connects the Right & Left Hemisphere of the brain This symbol works well for integration of the left and right hemispheres of the brain for whole brain thinking.

It is also effective when used with the Tinnitus symbol, in particular of the ringing is caused because of blocking, either intentionally or unintentionally message from the higher realm.

Brain Rewiring – Impulse Thinking/Reacting vs Logical processing
Rewiring Brain – Spontaneous Anger
Brain – Healthy
Breast / Mammary Gland


Name of Symbol Description
Calf Pain
Cancer – Type Unknown
Cancer – general
Candida Helps to alleviateCandida Infections
Candida Toxin Helpsto eliminate the Candida toxin which causes Candida
Carbohydrates Craving Release Helps the body toreduce or eliminate cravings for simplecarbohydrates, such as starches & sugars.
Cat Allergies Alleviates the symptomsfrom allergies to cats
Cell Phone and Other Wireless Device Protection Thissymbol is to be worn by the user of any wirelessdevice to protect them from the energy rays that areproduced by such devices, Some people may require adetox from these pollutants before this image willbe very helpful.
Clearing of Intestines & Colon for Cats Used for clearingintestines and colon of cats – this is not forhumans
Chakra Opening & Balancing Used for opening andbalancing all of the Chakras in the energy bodyincluding the major and minor chakras
Chemical Fume Elimination
Chemicals – Removes toxic chemicals from blood & cells
Chemicals – Removes toxic chemical from products
Chest, Lungs, Breathe
Cholesterol Reduction – Hardening of the Arteries
Chronic Fatigue Helps to alleviate thesymptoms of chronic fatigue and provided the bodywith added energy.  Can be used in conjunctionwith the High Energy Symbol
Cleans Blood
Clearing Negative Energy
Cloaccal Energy Repair
Colds Prevention & Healing
Cold Sore/ Fever Blister
Colitis Helps to heal thebody from colitis, used in conjunction with theletting go symbol for resolving the emotional causefor letting go of that which is over, the coloncleanse symbol for cleansing the colon and returningit back to balance with the appropriate goodbacteria, the healthy colon symbol, the largeintestine symbol and the small intestine symbol.
Colon – Healthy Colon Usedfor the purposes of helping to keep the colonhealthy
Colon Cleanse – Releases Toxins
Cosmic Connection Chakra
Cough – Stops Coughing
Courage & Power
Cravings Release
Crown Chakra
Cytoplasm – Balances cytoplasm


Name of Symbol Description
Deep Vein Thrombosis Used to prevent deepvein thrombosis and to dissolve blood clots thatcause deep vein thrombosis and reduce swellingcaused by the blockage.  (If using for anactual case of deep vein thrombosis you must seekmedical attention immediately, as this can be a lifethreatening situation.
Diabetes Used for the purpose ofovercoming diabetes.  You must only use this inconjunction with a medical doctor who is monitoringyour progress.
Diarrhea Relief
Digestive Enzymes Used to supplement thebody’s digestive systems enzymes.
Dimension Travel Used to help youachieve out-of-body travel to different dimensions.
DNA Repatterning Used for the purpose ofrepatterning DNA as part of the process for changingthat which is at our core.
DNA/RNA Balancing Used to balance DNA &RNA
Depression  Relief Used to help alleviatethe symptoms of depression.


Name of Symbol Description
Ease & Grace
E-Coli Toxin Kills the toxin thatcauses e-coli poisoning
Ego – Letting Go of One’s Ego
Elbows – Knees – Joints
Elderhood Initiation
Electrical Pollution – Transmutation in NegativeIons Changes Electrical Pollution in Negative Ions – Thissymbol is best placed at the points whereelectricity comes into the space being treated -electrical outlets and switches, including switcheson devices that are run on electricity.  It isalso recommended that this symbol be placed at thepoint of entry where the electrical power is broughtinto the building being treated and on allelectrical appliances
EMF Block at point of Entry Thisimages blocks the EMF pollution from entering aspace that is treated.  The symbol needs to beplaced at all of the following locations.Electrical Outlets, Light Switches, all electricalappliances, including lamps, at the point of entrywhere the electricity comes into the home and at thepoints of entry and exit on a fuse of circuit box.For severe cases – the image can be placed on a

photos of the property to help with alleviating the


Electromagnet Energy Shield (EMFs)
Detox from EMFs
Empowerment – Claiming Your Own Power
Empowerment – Southeast Asia
Energy Balance for the Trial
Energy Balance for the Trial V2
Energy Web for Group Power
Enzyme E-92PT
Erase & Eliminate
Essentials Minerals
Estrogen Balance
Eternal Bliss – Egypt
Eternal Health – Australian Lemurian
Eternal Life – Egypt
Eternal Love – Egypt
Eternal Peace – Maya
Even Menstrual Flow
Eyes – Healthy Eyes


Name of Symbol Description
FA – Awaken the Silent Gene
Fallopian Tube – Left side
Fallopian Tube – Right side
Fear of the Future – Nearsighted
Fear of the Present – Farsighted
Fear – Release
Financial Success
Focus & Vision
Folic Acid
Forgiveness – Non-Specific
Love & Forgiveness
Fungus Toxin


Name of Symbol Description
Gallbladder & Spleen
Geopathic Stress Affect – Relief
God Connection
God/Goddess Energy – Maya
Grid Energy – Repairs the Body’s grid energy
Grounded & Protected in Love
Guilt – Overcoming Guilt
Gums – Healthy Gum


Name of Symbol Description
Hair Loss
Headache – back of head & Neck
Headache – Eye Strain
Headache – Migraine
Headache – Non Specific
Headache – Sinus
Healing Mother Earth – cooling the Earth & Saving the Ice Capes
Healing Mother Earth – Earthquake Prevention
Healing Mother Earth & All of Her Resources
Heart Center Activation
Heart Center – Connecting One’s Heart Center with God’s Love
Heart – Healing the Heart – Feminine Energy
Heart – Healing the Heart – Masculine Energy
Heart – Healthy Heart
Heart Center Connection between Mother & Baby
Helicobacter Pylori
Hepatitis – C
Heredity – Release genetic hold
High Energy
Hip Problems
Hormone Balancing
Hot Flash Elimination
HPV Infection


Name of Symbol Description
Immune System Builder
Immune builder for Cats
Increased Desire to Exercise
Increased Metabolism
Infection – General
Infinite Prosperity & Abundance
Inflammation Reduction
Inner Ear
Integrating Energy of Multiple Symbols
Intestine – Large
Intestine Small
Intuition – Listening & Following Your Intuition


Name of Symbol Description
Joints – Unlock Frozen Joints


Name of Symbol Description
Kelp & Algae
Kidney Activation
Kidney Stones – Dissolves
Kundalini – Balance Kundalini Energy


Name of Symbol Description
Leg Cramp Relief
Letting Go of Control
Life Purpose
Ligaments & Muscles
Liver Balance & Stabilize Liver Function
Liver – Healthy Liver
Liver Detox
Live Water
Looking at what you don’t want to see
Love & Gratitude
Love – Pure Love & Harmony
Love & Joy – Southeast Asia
Love – Total & Complete Love  – Australian Lemurian
Love & Trust
Love – Universal Love, Peace & Joy
Lower Back
Lumps – Removes lumps or poisons
Lungs, Asthmas, Breathing, Respiratory
Lyme Disease
Lymphatic Drain
Lymphatic Flow & Healing


Name of Symbol Description
Mad Cow Helps to alleviate thesymptoms of Mad Cow disease in humans
Magnesium Energetic supplement
Melatonin Helps the body productmore Melatonin for a more restful, deeper sleep.
Menses Initiation Used to help a youngwoman when she is being initiated into womanhood atthe time of the beginning of her menses
Mercury Detox Helps to remove mercuryfrom the bodies cells
Middle Back Helps to alleviateproblems with the middle back to create a healthymiddle back
Mind, Heart Connection – Conscious Choice Helps to balance themind/heart connection
Mold Allergies Helps to reducesymptoms of mold allergies
Microwave Energy
Helps to blockMicrowave energy so that it doesn’t affect thepeople near the microwave energy
Moving Forward with focus & direction Helps the user to befocused and to move forward when they seem to bescattered.
MSM Used for the purpose ofhelping muscles to recover after exercise, alsohelps with aches and pains in the body
Multiple Sclerosis Helps to alleviate thesymptoms of Multiple Sclerosis
Muscles – Increased Desire To Exercise Helps to increase thedesire to get an appropriate amount of exercise
Muscle Relaxer Relaxes tense muscles
Muscle Strengthening & Toning Helps the body to buildstronger muscles and for toning muscles
Muscles, Tendons & Ligaments – Releases locked… Releases lockedmuscles, locked tendons & ligaments
Muscle Tension Release Helps to releasetension in the muscles


Name of Symbol Description
Nail Fungus
Nails – Long, Strong & Healthy
Naming Ceremony
Natural Pain Relief
Nausea Relief
Neck & Throat
Nerve –  Pinched nerves
Nerves – Repairs Damage to nerves
Nitrous Oxide Removal
Numbness – Release


Name of Symbol Description
Opens Blocked Channels/Meridians
Osteoporosis – Increased bone density
Ovarian Cancer Release


Name of Symbol Description
Pancreatic Cancer
Parasites – Removes
Passive Income – Creating passive income
Past – Release the past
Peace – Coming
together of UniversalPeace & Love
Peace – Serenity & Peace – Southeast Asia
Peace – Surrender in Peace
Perfection & Synchronicity – Maya
Pineal Gland
Pituitary Gland
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Powers – Owning your mystical powers
Power – Trusting Your God Given Power
Powered by Guides
Procrastination – Overcoming Procrastination
Prostate Cancer
Protection  Shield – Southeast Asia
Protecting Your Power Balanced in Love


Name of Symbol Description
Quest for Life Song


Name of Symbol Description
Radiation Detox Helps the body to detoxfrom radiation exposure
Radio Wave Detox Helps the body to detoxfrom Radio Wave frequencies
Rain – Replenishing & Nourishing Rain Workssimilarly to an Indian Rain Dance – meditate with itand see the area that you are focused on receivingthe rain it needs.
Range of Motion Helps to relax the muscles when range of motion has become limited to allow a greater range of motion
Realm Shifting Spirit says that we canastro-travel with this image – I haven’t worked withit enough to really see it in action although I havebeen able to get a lot done in a 5 minute periodthat would typically take more than 20 minutes to dowhile working with the image.  The intention here is that we can work from a different realm and return at the same time or nearly the same time as when we left our body
Receiving – Allowing
Oneself to Receive
Used for the purpose ofopening oneself up to receiving.  Many of usare such givers that we never allow ourselves to beopen to receiving.  This image has helped manypeople to open and receive nearly instantly.
Re-hydrate the body Helps to rehydrate thebody – when a drink of water isn’t available.I get that it helps to pull the water out of theair.  This can be used to help keep the bodyhydrated when you aren’t getting enough water – butyou still want to drink plenty of water – do not usethis as a substitute for drinking water
Release attachment to disease Allows the person usingthis symbol to release any attachments to a diseasethey want to heal. It is used for identifying anyreason that you may subconsciously be clinging tohaving the disease.  This could includeattention getting, support, etc.
Release attachment to the process Allows the person usingthis symbol to release any attachment to the processfor releasing any emotional or physical ailment.You become at peace with the healing process insteadof being attached to how the healing is supposed tohappen.
Release attachment to the process of being a human being Allows the person usingthis symbol to let go of issues related to beinghuman.  It helps to put the person into a moreaccepting and spiritual space.
Removes blocks Used to remove blockswhen looking for the emotional causes of ailments,success or any other issue in one’s life.
Remove Negative Entities Used to remove any negative entities that a person may have attracted into their being when not fully protected.
Ribbon for Healing Use this symbol to wrap it around the area that needs to be healed after working with the other healing images.
Ribbon for Love Relationships Use this symbol to wraparound a broken heart to help heal the wounds.
Ribbon for Prosperity
Ribbon for Trust
Ribbon for Vocalizing
Rid One-self of Burdens
Root Chakra
Rotator Cuff
RSV Protection


Name of Symbol Description
Sacral Chakra
Salmonella Poisoning Relief
Salmonella Toxin
Scar Tissue Repair
Scoliosis & Kyphosis
Serotonin Helps the body producemore Serotonin and helps to alleviate depression.
Shoulder – Releases Tension
Shock – Overcoming
Sinus – Pulls toxins from Brain, Head, Sinus Area
Slipped Disk – Repair
Small Intestines
Smoking Addiction – Release
Solar Plexus Chakra
Spell Release
Spinal Energy Flow
Spiritual Empowerment – Australian – Lemurian
Staph Infection Relief
Staph Toxin Removal
Strep Infection Relief
Strep Toxin Removal
Stomach & Gut Lining Tissue Repair
Stomach Ulcers
Stroke – Right Temporal Lobe
Styrofoam Removal from around fat cells
Sugar Cravings – Overcoming
Sweets Craving including artificial sweeteners Used to overcoming cravings for sweets


Name of Symbol Description
Testosterone Balance
Throat Chakra
Third Eye Chakra
Tinnitus Relief Used for the purpose of relieving ringing in the ears from either physical or ethereal causes.

This symbol works well with the symbol for Integration of the Left and Right Hemisphere of the brain, which frequently needs to be adjusted at the same time.

Tissue – Repairs internal & External tissue damage
Trust – Surrender in Trust


Name of Symbol Description
Upper Back
Urinary Tract
Urinary Tract Infection


Name of Symbol Description
Vaginal Infection
Virus Defense – Biochemical Virus Defense
Virus Defense
Flu Virus Defense
Vitamin C
Vitamin D
Vitamin E
Vocal Cords & Voice Box


Name of Symbol Description
Water Purification
Weight Fat Release
Women’s Water Ceremonialist Initiation
Wrist – Carpal Tunnel


Name of Symbol Description
XRay Shield

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  • Andy, There is a Krystagraph for Anxiety but not specifically for food related anxiety. Regarding body image, without knowing more details I’d recommend the Self-Love book and Krystagraphs.

    Here’s a link to order the Self-Love eBook: https://empoweredspirit.com/store/books/self-love-ebook/
    Here’s a link to order the Self_Love Bundle that includes the eBook along with Self-Love Subliminal Recordings. https://empoweredspirit.com/store/bundle-offers/self_love-bundle/

    Regarding your back pain, it would depend on where your back pain is located. I would recommend the following individual symbols, the applicable chakra symbol(s) based on where the problem is located, along with the applicable symbol (lower, middle or upper back). There are also symbols specific for pain relief as well.

    I have a book called Krystagraphs for Lower Back and Hips, which includes 2 symbols for pain relief along with the symbols for hips and lower back and the belief replacement symbols as well as the emotional healing steps.

    I also have a book that is similar that is for a healthy spine, lower back and sciatica with symbols for helping to heal arthritis and for alleviating the pain from arthritis.

    Give me more details about your back issue and your food related anxiety and I can make a more focused recommendation for you.

  • Andy

    Hi Krystalya!

    Is there one for food related anxiety or body image? Also Ive had years with back pain, which one would work for that?

  • Anonymous


    No problem – it’s just that frequently we don’t notice comments as quickly as we do requests through the Contact Form.

    Be Well!


  • Emily

    I meant to use the Contact form, but left a comment instead by accident. I didn’t know how to remove it!
    Thank you!

  • Emily,

    It certainly may help with the situation. Do you know what the environmental issue is that is causing the brain fog and headaches? Are you the only person in the environment having the problem? If the problem is mold, I would recommend you also include the mold allergy symbol.

    The nice thing about the symbols is that they can be placed in multiple places and you don’t have to move them around. You can also put one in your pocket to help as well.

    Be sure to reach out via our Contact form if you have other questions.


  • Emily

    I am interested in the air purification symbol. I am working in an environment where the inhalants are creating extreme brain fog and headaches. Would this help? I move from room to room, so it isn’t possible to use an air purifier.

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