Tuning Up Your Intuition

Whether looking to hire an energy healing practitioner, avoiding heavy traffic, avoiding an accident or just looking for guidance, tuning-up your intuition can be extremely helpful. I am frequently asked how to tune into or tune up your intuition and so today, I’m going to share a few things you can do to learn to tune up and tune in. The first thing I recommend is to learn to notice how you feel when you are getting a message to go forward (a positive or yes message) and a caution or stop message (a negative or no message). In my …CONTINUE READING HERE: Tuning Up Your Intuition

Finding the Best Teachers and Masters of Our Time

I was asked recently to share my thoughts on who are the best teachers and masters of our time. Whether you are looking for Spiritual Advice, Energy Healing, someone to help you with your Mind-Set or you are dealing with financial challenges, you have probably wondered who is the best teach or master to help you as well. It’s not a surprise that with all of the “Noise” all around us, that finding the best teachers and masters can be challenging. To put the “Noise Level” into perspective, a friend recently sent the following statistics to me. Every day we …CONTINUE READING HERE: Finding the Best Teachers and Masters of Our Time

Finding Treasure

I enjoy supporting people to find their inner treasure and their inner healer. Doing so fills me to the brim with joy and happiness. Finding their inner treasure is just the first step though. For many of the people that I help to find their inner treasure, when they find it, they aren’t sure how they would ever have the time and/or money to fulfill their inner treasure. In some cases they work full-time, and/or they are full-time parents or caregivers or even live on a limited income because they are retired or disabled. Their budgets and time are stretched …CONTINUE READING HERE: Finding Treasure

Secrets for A Stress Free Holiday Season

The holiday season is not only the busiest time of the year for shopping, family gatherings, and even company parties. It is also the busiest time of the year for doctors, therapists and energy workers. The reason for this is that it is the most stressful time of the year. There are a lot of reasons for the stress levels to be higher, including Pressure of trying to buy the perfect gift for each person we are buying for and keeping within a budget we can actually afford. Attending family gatherings with our own family, our relatives or even our …CONTINUE READING HERE: Secrets for A Stress Free Holiday Season

Tuning Up for Tuning In

Have you struggled when trying to discern whether you are listening to your “Higher Guidance” or “Ego”? Today, I’d like to share some of the techniques that I’ve used to Tune-up my intuition and to discern whether the message I’m getting is intuition/higher guidance or my ego. Top 5 Methods of Discernment “God Bumps”… Look familiar? Well, those bumps on your arm with hair standing up can be one of the easiest methods of discernment. Whenever I am pondering something or I get an idea or feel inspired, I like to pay attention to how my body feels. For those …CONTINUE READING HERE: Tuning Up for Tuning In

Follow this and Create Magic in Your Life

I woke up this morning with an inspired idea and before noon, I shared the idea with a business partner and we were so inspired with ideas popping up so fast we could hardly contain ourselves. That’s what a magical life can be like for you too. It wasn’t always that way and in fact if you’ve read some of my other posts, you’ll find that early in the 2000’s I went from millionaire to broke in just over 5 years. Along the way I learned a lot of lessons and today, I’m going to share a story and some …CONTINUE READING HERE: Follow This To Create Magic in Your Life