What Are Beliefs and What is Reality?

The question “What Are Beliefs?” was posed to me recently and I had an immediate answer and then I went deeper into my heart to listen for an answer. So, I decided to share my immediate answer and then to take you on the journey of the deeper thoughts that came to me. Most importantly though is that I would love your comments and feedback. I believe that this conversation could be the catalyst for amazing change in our world. My immediate answer to “What Are Beliefs”, was quite simple. Beliefs are the the thoughts that run our lives everyday …CONTINUE READING HERE: What Are Beliefs and What is Reality?

Can it be Harmful to Hold onto Some Beliefs?

I am asked quite often by clients, whether it is harmful to hold onto our beliefs? Today, I’m sharing my thoughts on the harm of holding onto many of the beliefs we have along with tips for discerning whether a belief is harmful or in your highest good. For most of us we are taught specific beliefs about society, social beliefs, financial beliefs, beliefs about ourselves, our relationships, our religion, and even beliefs about our health. Some of the beliefs are taught to us and many more become our beliefs based on our experiences up to this point in our …CONTINUE READING HERE: Can it be Harmful to Hold onto Some Beliefs?

Brain Wave Training

Often I am asked: how do I know if it works for people? Is it a subjective-only result? This is a question only asked prior to people actually using the protocols, for after using them, especially for any dedicated time with consistency – they know. Brain Training works, it is well researched and documented in universities and medical studies across the world. And these results are evidenced scientifically by EEG machines. So when I create a product that stimulates the brain, I can physically measure its effectiveness. I literally have people come into my office and strap EEG machines onto …CONTINUE READING HERE: Brain Wave Training