Perfectly Afflicted

When I first heard the name of this organization, I wasn’t very comfortable with it. If you know me at all, I’m always looking for positive ways to say something and the idea of claiming to be afflicted just didn’t make sense for me. Then I looked closer at the organizations by-line and realized that it was the perfect name. Their by-line is: There’s Only One You! I met the organizations’ co-founders at a recent Body, Mind, Spirit Expo and was so excited about their message of hope for everyone, with a particular focus on kids and veterans. They inspired …CONTINUE READING HERE: Perfectly Afflicted

How Your Spirituality Can Change Your Life & the World

What You Put Your Attention on is What You Create We’ve all heard that what we focus on is what we create. So why is it that it seems that more people today are focused on negative news than ever before. Some of my most spiritual friends are suddenly mentioning negative events that have happened. In fact, it seems that although I stopped watching the news or reading news, over 20 years ago, that suddenly I am finding myself drawn into news because either my computer browser or my phone shows me stories, or a friend brings up the latest …CONTINUE READING HERE: How Your Spiritual Practice Can Change Your Life & the World

All She Wants for Christmas…

What’s on your Christmas list? Is it the latest iPhone? Large screen TV? Or maybe simply a white Christmas with friends and family sharing a meal as the brightly decked tree sparkles & glows near a warm crackling fire in the fireplace? One thing for sure though it’s not water you are dreaming about this Holiday! Ah, but yes Virginia, there is someone out there that is dreaming of just that and she lives right here in the good ole U.S.A. But wait! There’s more…this young lady is not dreaming about water for herself, she gets that from her …CONTINUE READING HERE: All She Wants for Christmas…

Streets of Charlottesville

Earlier this year I was given the gift of being able to visit with the beautiful lakefront home, of my friends Misa Hopkins and Jeff Burger, located just outside of Charlottesville, VA. I met many of their friends, went into town several times and walked the streets of beautiful Charlottesville and even visited some of the beautiful monuments of times gone by. So, when things turned horribly wrong on August 12th of this year, it was personal to me. It brought tears to my eyes and an ache in my heart. I couldn’t even imagine how Misa and Jeff were …CONTINUE READING HERE: Streets of Charlottesville

13 and Wiser Than Most People

When I watched the video below I was brought to tears and knew I had to share it with you. I was amazed and wondered, how does a young man, only 13 year old have such wisdom and beautiful gifts? In my opinion his biggest asset was having parents that saw him whole, healthy and beautiful. They didn’t see him broken, they didn’t give up and they gave him that same gift of never giving up. If I were a parent, I’d watch this video over and over until I really understood at a “Soul Level”, the gift his parents …CONTINUE READING HERE: 13 and Wiser Than Most People

A Big Warm Hug

Talk about total and complete love. This hug says it all! A hug can be one of the greatest ways to healing. Find someone and give them a hug today, it just might be the greatest gift they will receive today!

Wisdom from a 6 Year Old

Wisdom from a six year old, that you won’t want to miss. I wish more people would see this and understand the importance of Grant’s message. Would love to hear your ideas on how we can create a world like Grant is envisioning. Post your comments below.

Wisdom from an Unlikely Source

Most of us would never consider a 14 year old to be someone as wise as this young man is. Royce Mann, 8th grader from Atlanta, GA, USA, wrote and performed this slam poem as part of a school competition. He ended up taking home first place. I’d love to hear your comments below.  

Real Commitment

Check out what this 16 year old boy is doing for generations to come. If we all took a stand like this young man to make a difference in our world, maybe we would find World Peace, Greater Health, and a planet that will thrive for generations to come.

Act of Kindness

Some of the simplest things can make the biggest changes in someone’s life. Many years ago I walked to the corner store, about a mile away from home, to purchase a stamp and mail a letter. I got into line and ordered my stamp and when I went to pay I was discovered that I had forgotten to put money into my pocket. I was embarrassed and started to excuse myself from the line when the lady behind me paid for the postage stamp. That simple act of kindness has remained with me all of these years. Get out your …CONTINUE READING HERE: Act of Kindness