How Your Spirituality Can Change Your Life & the World

What You Put Your Attention on is What You Create

energy healingWe’ve all heard that what we focus on is what we create. So why is it that it seems that more people today are focused on negative news than ever before. Some of my most spiritual friends are suddenly mentioning negative events that have happened. In fact, it seems that although I stopped watching the news or reading news, over 20 years ago, that suddenly I am finding myself drawn into news because either my computer browser or my phone shows me stories, or a friend brings up the latest tragedy or political event.

It’s easy to find negative news and even easier to find yourself caught up in it.  If you allow too much of this to enter into your consciousness you may even find yourself spinning out of control and thinking everything is just negative news. The thing is that negative news, can start becoming part of your daily life and start causing you negative feels and even start causing you to create more negativity in your own life as well as stress.

You may also stay away from the negative news, yet receive information from various sources that let you know how you can help starving children, help prevent child abuse, child trafficking, destruction of national forests, water shortages, animal becoming extinct, animal abuse and more. Knowing about these things and not being able to do anything about them, can easily cause us to go into a negative spiral as well,  if we don’t make sure that we are doing something about those things that matter to us.

The good news is that even if you don’t currently have cash to contribute, there are ways you can contribute and help. It’s all about choice. We can find positive ways to help or go into fear and start wondering if we as a race and planet are going to spin out of control and destroy ourselves. Yes, all too often I hear people who are asking those questions, while the truth is, that if too many of us focus on the fear, instead of solutions, that just might be what we create.

Positive Things Do Happen

What if I told you there are positive things happening all around us and the more we stay on our spiritual path and look for the positive things happening in the world, the more positive is created in the world.

I recently received this video that has 20 Good New Stories in it, that I just had to share with you. I’ve signed petitions and donated to help make some of these things happen over the years, and had no idea, until I saw this video that we had made this much progress.

Things we Can do to make a Difference

Whether you have money to contribute to the various causes or not, there are many other things we can all do to make a difference. Here is a short list of things that can be done.

  1. Sign petitions (without donating money unless you want to), for causes you believe it. Here are just a few organizations that help people to create petitions for change.
    3. Political causes:
  2. Find local volunteer opportunities. Making a difference in another person’s life changes the world every day.
  3. Smile and greet people with kind, loving expressions. It may seem like a simple thing, but you never know what changes you may cause. When greeting people say something different than the standard greeting, it will help pull them out of their current thoughts even just for a moment and you may change their life entirely. Try this… Tell someone to have an Amazing Day, an Awesome Day, a Fabulous Day or even a Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Day, instead of the normal Have a Great Day and watch what happens. I’m betting that you’ll be surprised at the reactions you get. I know I was, when I started this practice about 20 years ago and I still do it today.
  4. Give someone a hug. You obviously have to use caution here and be sure the other person is open to your touch, but a hug can make a huge difference in their life and yours
  5. Meditate and send love to your greatest foe or world leaders.
  6. Join a group that are meditating together at the same time, with a single focused intention for healing, creating peace, calming a storm or whatever your group wants to do, to create positive change in the world.

Join Others to Create a Difference Through Meditation & More

I recently was made aware of an event that is on the precipice of becoming a huge disaster in Cape Town, South Africa. Based on current predictions and assuming that the people of Cape Town honor the current water usage restrictions they will run out of water by April 12th.

There are planned projects to Desalinate the Ocean water and to even recycle water, but those are long term plans and not ready for the day they will have no more water.

After reading this, I asked for spiritual guidance as to what can be done to help the more than 400,000 people, in Cape Town, to get water to the region. If the normal weather patterns apply their rainy season will not come until May and then there is no telling how much water they will have.

Some years back I was guided to draw several Krystagraphs for planetary healing. One in particular is specifically for the purpose of causing rain fall in areas that have a drought. I have used it with good success. I’ve also been guided during several instances to stop rain fall, and slow down hurricanes, remove radiation from the ocean and more. The thing is that in order to offset the consciousness of millions of people caught up in a negative outcome, such as the situation in Cape Town, it takes a community of people to participate in order to create change. In this case a community of people focused on creating enough rain so that Cape Town doesn’t run out of water.

I’m also being guided to create “Think Tank” groups to find real solutions to planetary problems that include equality for people all around the globe, educational programs to teach children as well as adults, about problems and solutions related to our toxic environment, including but not limited to, Genetically Engineered Food and other toxins in our food, Radiation and Other Toxins in our Air, Oceans, Fresh Water and our soil  and much more, all designed to educate and teach people how to find solutions.

One of the major reasons that Solar Energy and Wind Powered Energy has not become the norm is because of costs. But there are solutions that can easily bring that cost down, if enough of us are willing to do what it takes to makes this happen. Again, it takes a community.

The Challenge I am Putting Out to Each of You

It is costly, in both time and money, to offer meditations for these issues, or to start group think tanks, yet I truly believe that we as a community can make a difference if enough of us join together.

What I need to know to kick this off is whether you are interested in being a part of this movement and what specifically you are interested in and willing to do.

Please list the things you are most interested in and what you are willing to do in the comment box below.

Here are a few ideas to get you started.

  1. Participate in a group meditation on a daily or weekly basis to bring rain to Cape Town
  2. Invite others to join the group a meditation
  3. Participate in a group meditation for World Peace
  4. Participate in a group meditation for Healing our Ocean’s
  5. Participate in a group meditation for Healing our Fresh Water (or all water on the planet)
  6. Participate in a group meditation for finding ways to make clean energy the norm
  7. Participate in a group meditation for creating equality for all people
  8. Participate in a group meditation for creating clean air solutions
  9. Participate in a group meditation for finding ways to get healthy food onto every table in the world
  10. Participate in a group meditation for finding ways to get clean healthy water for every person in the world
  11. Participate in a group think tank for coming up with solutions for any of the above projects

Remember the above list is just a starting point, I’m open to hearing all ideas and I’m willing to put together group meditations, or think tank groups if enough people are interested and will help by inviting their friends and family too.



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