Where is Your Attention Focused?

When you have an illness or an injury, where do you focus most if not all of your attention. If you’re like most people you immediately focus all of your attention on the illness and the physical cause. That makes sense and is appropriate, yet… The real question is, how long do you focus on that illness or cause? A while back, I injured my right eye and was in significant pain. I wear contacts, which I immediately took out, used Eye Wash and Eye Drops and then went to bed. As I fell asleep I was focused on the …CONTINUE READING HERE: Is Your Focus on Healing or the Pain?

Tips for Healing Anything

Have you ever wondered if it is possible to healing anything? From my experience so far, it is absolutely possible. The minute you ask that question though, you already are placing some doubt about your ability to heal. The right question is not is it possible, but instead I recommend that you ask this question everyday of your healing journey until you are restored to complete health… What step can I take today, that will bring my body, mind and spirit into total and complete health? Each day, ask that question before you get out of bed. Then pay attention …CONTINUE READING HERE: Tips for Healing Anything

The Missing Piece for Energy Healing to Work!

Whether you are trying to manifest your dreams or are doing energy healing for physical ailments, if you aren’t getting the results you want this missing piece is always the cause. Yes, clearing and balancing your chakras, doing emotional healing, changing your beliefs, changing your diet and even visualization are all important, but on their own you will not get permanent results. Faith The piece that is missing is your belief that healing or manifesting your desire is possible. Belief though by itself is still not enough to get the energy healing results you are looking for if there are …CONTINUE READING HERE: The Missing Piece for Energy Healing to Work!

Positive Thinking Made Easy

We all start out with a clean slate when we are born, but it doesn’t take long for us to learn negative thoughts and beliefs. Sometimes they are inherited just by the fact that our parents say them. Other times we create new beliefs based on an event that happens in our life. Unless our parents and teachers kept us focused on positive thinking, we end up having all sorts of negative beliefs about ourselves, none of which are true, but our subconscious mind keeps playing them out for us as if they are true. The worst part is …CONTINUE READING HERE: Positive Thinking Made Easy

Loving Your Imperfections

I’m anything but perfect… I love a good laugh and in particular I love laughing at how silly we humans can be and especially how serious we take ourselves. In fact I like to laugh at myself not in a put myself down way but in a way to laugh at things I do as a way to allow myself to be okay when I make mistakes. Have you ever heard that quiet voice inside your head that let you know to do something and you ignored it? Well, here’s what I looked like after ignoring that quiet voice. Yep, …CONTINUE READING HERE: Loving Your Imperfections

Lost Pony

Most of you have probably heard the story about the boy digging through the manure and when asked what he was doing, he said with all this manure, there has to be a pony in here somewhere. You see to me this parable is all about the lost opportunity most of us miss when something happens to us that is devastating or at least not what we would have consciously chosen, Why, because most of us are so busy blaming others and feeling sorry for ourselves when something doesn’t go our way, or something “bad” that we miss the “Golden …CONTINUE READING HERE: Lost Pony

Can it be Harmful to Hold onto Some Beliefs?

I am asked quite often by clients, whether it is harmful to hold onto our beliefs? Today, I’m sharing my thoughts on the harm of holding onto many of the beliefs we have along with tips for discerning whether a belief is harmful or in your highest good. For most of us we are taught specific beliefs about society, social beliefs, financial beliefs, beliefs about ourselves, our relationships, our religion, and even beliefs about our health. Some of the beliefs are taught to us and many more become our beliefs based on our experiences up to this point in our …CONTINUE READING HERE: Can it be Harmful to Hold onto Some Beliefs?

Tips for Speeding up the Healing Process

I’m often asked by my clients…How can I make sure I heal quickly? So, I decided to share a few of my top tips for faster healing. These won’t be things you’ll find on the medical sites. 🙂 I’ve been healing myself for as long as I can remember and for me the most important thing you need to pay attention to is your belief about healing quickly. If you believe it is going to take a long time. it will. And of course if you believe you can heal quickly you will as well. Don’t buy into the predictions …CONTINUE READING HERE: Tips for Speeding up the Healing Process