Where is Your Attention Focused?

Focused AtWhen you have an illness or an injury, where do you focus most if not all of your attention. If you’re like most people you immediately focus all of your attention on the illness and the physical cause. That makes sense and is appropriate, yet…

The real question is, how long do you focus on that illness or cause?

A while back, I injured my right eye and was in significant pain. I wear contacts, which I immediately took out, used Eye Wash and Eye Drops and then went to bed. As I fell asleep I was focused on the pain and my concern about what was wrong with my eye.

The following morning when I awoke, the eye was totally Bloodshot, in fact there didn’t seem to be any white around my Iris. I immediately got concerned and put my focus was on the symptoms, instead of being focused on what the underlying cause was and how I could heal it.

Of course it is important to take care of the immediate symptom and doing things, like in this instance taking out my contacts, using Eye Wash and Eye Drops. Yet, once you have taken care of the immediate issue, it’s just as important to get calm, send the effected area healing energy and begin your work for determining the underlying cause. There can be a physical cause which needs to be addressed and then there is likely to be an underlying belief or emotional cause that got you to the point of creating the physical symptom.

When we are in pain, or when we are struggling with a health challenge of any sort, it can be easy to put all of your focus on the physical symptoms and cause and  forget to consider the underlying cause, such as beliefs and emotions. It is also easy to allow ourselves to get so caught up that we forget to do the innate things we know for healing our body, such as sending love and healing energy to the injury.

Here are the steps that I follow once I have taken care of the physical symptoms and cause.

Step 1

Quiet your mind and visualize golden light around the affected area while intending that it is healing the area. In this case I would simply say that my eye is totally and completely healthy. Be care how you word this, if you are focused on anything being wrong, such as restoring your eye to health, you are giving energy to the fact that something is wrong. See your eye as perfectly healthy as it always was until the injury rather than focusing on where it is at the moment.

Step 2


Open and balance the Chakra or Chakras that are related to the issue. This gets the energy flowing and opens you
up to receive insights to the underlying cause of the problem.

In this case I used the Chakra Opening and Balancing Symbol to restore the flow of energy. Then I used the Third Eye Chakra Symbol to work more directly with the Chakra related to the injury or illness. You’ll find specific symbols for each of the Chakras in my book Power Symbols for Balanced Energy.

Step 3

Find the underlying belief or emotional cause. In this particular case, once I took care of the physical causes and calmed myself down and eventually started looking at what was happening in my life that I didn’t want to see. I then considered the fact that it was the right eye and so I looked at it from my heart / feminine aspect and considered what it was that I didn’t want to see.

One of the keys when looking at these types of issues is to Never allow yourself to dismiss anything that pops into your head. It’s easy to say, oh that’s silly it can’t be that, or no way, I’ve done lots of work on that issue and I’ve cleared all of that.

In my experience, if you are shown an issue by a fleeting thought (I call those messages from spirit), or a friend who lovingly reminds you of something from the past (another message from spirit), or some other form, there is more than a 99% chance that there is still something lingering within your subconscious that has not yet been cleared. Remember it’s a journey and sometimes we have buried those painful issues very deeply.

Ancestry Clearing

The issue may even be in your hereditary genes and not something you experienced, but rather something that one of your ancestors experienced. You’ll find great insights and tools in Ariann Thomas’s book about Clearing your Ancestral Lineage called: Healing Family Pattern’s. 

Step 4

I also  like to refer to various resources that I have in my library for getting insights as well. I don’t though just take everything it says as gospel but instead I sit with each thing and determine what I resonate with as I read them. I allow myself to feel into it and see if I get an emotional charge or a flash about a belief or even an event that may be related.

Heal Your Body

The easiest and quickest resource is Louise Hay’s, Heal Your Body. I highly recommend this book as a great place to start.  In many cases this is the only book I need, because I get enough simple insights that my spirit continues to guide me to the actual belief, event or emotion that is the underlying cause of the problem.

In this case she says that Eye Problems, relate to “Not liking what you see in your own life. In this book, she touches on ten (10) different eye problems.

Key to Self Liberation by Christianne Beerlandt

When I find that I’m still not able to heal fully, or I don’t get an emotional charge or clarity on a belief based on what is provided in Louise’s book, I then refer to Christiane Beerlandt’s book, The key to Self-Liberation. I consider this book my best go-to-book, when I want to take a deep dive into potentially related causes to any health challenge. Her work is channeled messages that go deeply and beautifully into the emotions and beliefs around an issue. There is typically 3-5 paragraphs for any given health challenge and she covers 1000 diseases. Unfortunately, the book was translated from Dutch and I sense that some of the deeper meanings/intent were lost in the translation. The other issue is that this book is out of publication. To give you an idea how much more comprehensive this book is, she has a written materials specific to the left and right eye and covers, 45 different issues one might have with their eyes. For my Right Eye she discusses the potential issues over two and a half pages within the book. She starts off with… “An urgent call for a Solid Grounding of yourself. With the force of the ‘right side’ you push yourself, as it were, very strongly into yourself. With assertiveness, energetic action…. Now you decide to plant yourself resolutely in the Earth!”

Metaphysical Anatomy

If I still don’t have a full resolution, I refer to yet another very helpful resource by Evette Rose, Metaphysical Anatomy. In her book she does a nice job of bullet pointing issues and breaks down eye issues, based on Left and Right and into 17 specific issues.

In this case she provides several areas of potential emotional causes for Eye’s in General and then states…
Right Eye… “Your grandfather’s history and how responsibility and leadership affected you”. Which means consider the emotional issues in relationship to your grandfather. Remember much of what we create is in our DNA and comes from our Ancestors.

Step 5

Once you are clear on the beliefs and underlying emotions that are related, you will then need to embark on the journey of changing negative, non-supportive beliefs to positive supportive beliefs. You will also want to clear the old emotional baggage until you have no emotional charge when you think of the person or event.

Keep in mind it’s a journey and with new events continually happening in our lives. Without those events and experiences there would be no life experience. Enjoy the journey, embrace change and you will be healthier in Body, Mind and Spirit.



6 comments to Is Your Focus on Healing or the Pain?

  • Roger,

    I may be self-disciplined, but actually I am “Lazy” but not in the negative way people think of being lazy. You see, I have found that it is faster to do the work than it is to continue to have the problem. It also gives me much more time to enjoy life and go the things I love.

    Be well,


  • Kathleen,

    You are very welcome. I would suggest that if you have Kidney issues that you dig deeply to discover what you are “Pissed Off” about or disappointed with, or who you are “Pissed At” or disappointed with. Keep in mind it could be that you are “Pissed off at yourself” or disappointed in yourself. I find that most of us judge ourselves far more harshly than other people do. One of my favorite ways to get myself to laugh when I am judging myself is to thing of the following quote (unfortunately I don’t know who to attribute this to). The quote is… “God doesn’t judge us, what make me think I’m better than God”.

    Be well,

    Love, Light & Laughter,


  • Giselle, Thanks for sharing your story. It’s always amazing when we can look back and see the correlations between our emotions and physical outcomes. Regarding your feeling of relief when you friend passed, it is wise to understand that your relief at her passing is an appropriate feeling and there is no need to feel guilty. I’m sure you were kinder to her than your are admitting to yourself. Most of use are our toughest judges. I’m sure your friend is smiling down on you and feels blessed that you were there for her.

    Be well.

    Love, Light & Laughter,


  • Roger

    very interesting… sounds like you are very self-disciplined.

  • Kathleen

    Dear Krystalay,

    Thank you for this lovely article. I began to send healing energy in a different way on my issue with Kidney disease. This was uplifting and inspiring in more ways than one. Sometimes we just need to encourage yourself. Life encounters are nothing more than short term journeys we take in life. I had been feeling ashamed of being sick and would not speak to anyone about the agony I felt. Thank you again, I feel positive in every step I am taking.

  • Thank you Krystalya,
    for this highly interesting message for me because I didn’t have a helpful angel to my right side when, on a sunny evening with a glass of champagne in my hand, celebrating Victoria Day with a friend. I suddenly saw purple figures in my right eye for a minute that vanished to black and into darkness. It was a Sunday with no optometrist and my friend calmed me and told me after a night of good sleep I would be fine. No, I wasn’t fine and the doctor I saw on Monday morning told me there was no chance of recovery. I don’t easily take ‘no’ for an answer and saw the famous Dr. Lew in Cranbrook. He told me that only within three hours there would have been a very slim chance of a revival, took many xrays, called his employees and explained my case. I thought that I would be unable to drive, but that was not the case, a miracle happened that my left eye got so strong that after he operated a small cataract, I didn’t need glasses and still don’t after 10 years. Up to 2 years ago I could read the smallest letters but I think the time came for glasses now. When my car-lease ended a year ago I gave up driving even though I don’t like to be dependent on taxis and my daughter-in-law now.
    Interesting is that I read the possibility that there was something in my life I didn’t want to see and, yes, there was. This ‘friend’ turned out to be a very possessive person and living together in a rented house, owned by a Swiss physician who wanted it for her retirement in 20 years, was a strain on my nerves. My son wanted me to live near his former wife, and she found an apartment for me. But fate crossed my wish to be on my own and let my ‘friend’ fall and brake her ankle. She was always sweet-friendly that made my conscious helpless. The new building had more vacant suites and with her in a wheelchair I drove to Port Coquitlam. At least we were separated by a floor on the opposite side, but she had turned in her driver licence and shopping was on me.While we had been living in the house she had a heart attack that made me a “helping angel” that agreed that she had to phone me every morning that she was still alive. One morning the phone was silent. I asked the manageress to open her door and we found her with a stroke unable to speak or to walk. Eight month hospital without the capability to swallow, a slow death I realized whenever I saw her.
    All this was in October 2016, but since then my conscience tells me that we had good times together as well, when we built a bed & breakfast in Florida (the biggest mistake I ever made in life, catapulting me from a lavish lifestyle into a modest apartment) There we were so busy that I never realized her controlling manner, but her daughter did: “Giselle, how can you stand my mother”.
    I was ashamed of myself that I felt relief when she had passed and still it burdens me that I was not kinder to her than I had been.

    I is so good to find a living helpful angel to talk to, I thank her for listening and send her my love and my enormous respect for her Being, Giselle

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