How to Shed Extra Pounds Permanently

If you are like most people you over indulged during the holidays and figured you’d be able to easily take off those extra pounds in the new year. I remember those days oh so well, myself. With two weeks behind us in the New Year, if you are like most of people, the New Years resolutions have started to take a back seat to your busy days and you keep thinking tomorrow I’ll start that new diet or exercise program. But tomorrow never seems to come. Sound familiar? Diet and Exercise Alone Don’t Work The problem is that weight loss …CONTINUE READING HERE: How to Shed Extra Pounds Permanently

Why diets don't work!

Are you on the diet yo-yo? Do you diet and yet never seem to lose weight, or even worse you lose the weight and then put it all back on plus more? The biggest missing link to diet and exercise programs can be found where you least expect it. Although diet and exercise are key components to losing weight, you are not just a physical being. You are made up of energy and when that energy has blocks in it, it keeps you stuck in a variety of ways. It may manifest as a health issue, issues with your relationships, …CONTINUE READING HERE: Why diets don’t work!

Ending the Junk Food Habit

Do you find yourself having cravings for foods that you know are not healthy for you? I’m often ask how to quit eating junk food. So, today I’m going to share my secret tips to unchain you from those cravings that are currently holding you hostage. Before I share my tips, you might find it interesting to know that in my earlier years I was addicted to sugar. In particular I drank 15 Pepsi’s per day. In addition to the Pepsi’s, I was also drinking alcoholic beverages with additional Pepsi, or Sloe Gin and Orange Juice, Amaretto, or whatever sweet …CONTINUE READING HERE: Cravings Holding You Hostage?