Tips for Healing Anything

Have you ever wondered if it is possible to healing anything? From my experience so far, it is absolutely possible. The minute you ask that question though, you already are placing some doubt about your ability to heal. The right question is not is it possible, but instead I recommend that you ask this question everyday of your healing journey until you are restored to complete health…

What step can I take today, that will bring my body, mind and spirit into total and complete health?

Amethyst Crystal Healing Each day, ask that question before you get out of bed. Then pay attention to the guidance you receive throughout your day. That means being more present with each and every event you experience or word you hear. Doing so opens you up to receiving the guidance that is meant for you to do next on your healing journey.

Create an anchor that will remind you to stay in the present moment and keep you open to receive that guidance. That anchor may be in the form of a Crystal, like the Amethyst to the left or anything that you can put into your environment that you love. You simply make the intention that every time you notice the item that you are reminded to be present and listening for guidance for you healing.

When watching television or a movie, or listening to the radio, pay attention to what is said or done that may be spirit speaking to you through the show that you are listening to. Pay attention to any song that is constantly playing in your head, as it is likely that your soul has chosen to learn through the words within a song.

Often clues come from something someone says or does. I use what I call the rule of 3. If I hear or observe something once, it might be a message, if I hear it twice it is important to pay attention and if I hear it a third time, that’s like being hit over the head with something to get your attention, or like I like to say “Three Strikes and You’re Out”. “Pay Attention” and take that message very seriously. I have found that when I ignore a message after 3 times, it is far more likely that the problem I am working to heal will get worse or spread to an additional part of my body.

You may also want to ask that question just before going to bed so that you receive guidance in your dreams. What I recommend in this case is to have a dream journal within easy reach and a pen that lights up, like the one’s you’ll find here (so you don’t have to turn on any other lights, that may awaken you too fully). Before going to sleep say the statement above, and then say “Spirit I ask that you provide me with these insights in my dreams and wake me up at the end of the dream so I can easily write down the dream and any interpretation of the dream you provide. Once I write the dream and interpretation down I easily fall back to sleep and rest peacefully for the remainder of the night.

Steps for Healing Anything


Step 1 – Each Chakra is related to specific aspects of your health and can give you greater insights as to the underlying cause of those ailments. Here’s an example of why this is important. In 2003, my left shoulder froze up. It was so bad that I couldn’t put my bra on because I couldn’t reach behind me. I struggled to get dressed every day. This went on for months as I worked on various aspects that related to a frozen shoulder. I worked on my Throat Chakra at the time, which was shut down, and because it is in the same region as the shoulder itself. Had I checked more in-depth I would have discovered that my Solar Plexus was shutdown as well. Check your Chakras to determine what energy centers are shut down. To do this, use muscle checking or a pendulum and check each center using the following statement.

My ____ Chakra is totally and completely open and balanced, then use muscle checking or the pendulum to see if you get a yes or no answer. I recommend that you start at the Root Chakra and work your way up the body by checking each of the 7 main Chakras, which are Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye and Crown. Make a note of each one that is shut down.

Step 2 –   Once you know what chakra(s) are out of balance or shutdown, use the Chakra Opening and Balancing symbol to begin the process of getting your energy flowing. For best results I recommend that you work with the specific symbols for the chakras that are blocked rather than the Chakra Opening and Balancing which does a general tune-up. You can find those symbols in my book, Power Symbols for Balanced Energy.

Step 3 – Compare where you ailment is located to a Chinese Acupuncture Chart and map the particular meridian that your ailment is on, to determine other possibilities for the cause. For instance, using the left shoulder example, I mentioned above, you would discover that the shoulder is located on the same meridian as the Pancreas, Stomach and Spleen. In my case, pancreas was the primary organ that was related to the frozen shoulder. A bit of muscle checking and detective work by viewing the meridian chart will help you to pin point any areas other than where the physical issue is showing up that is related. If gone unchecked, it is likely the problem will continue to manifest in that other area eventually.

Step 4 – Determine the underlying feelings, emotions, psychological relationship and beliefs that are related. For instance the frozen shoulder may indicate a problem with your ability to carry life’s experiences joyously, while the Throat Chakra relates to being comfortable speaking your truth, and the Solar Plexus is related to creativity and connecting with your intuition or trusting your intuitive guidance, and Pancreas is related to the sweetness (or lack of sweetness) in your life.  You’ll find details about each Chakra and the underlying beliefs related to it in my book, Power Symbols for Balanced Energy.

I use all three of the following resources for helping me to get more in-depth details about the underlying psychological and emotional causes of any injury or ailments.

As I read through each of the three resources, I make notes of the things I find that resonate with me or push my buttons, both can be quite relevant. When looking through these resources, I consider a variety of things. For instance, if I had an injured knee, I would look at knees, and joints. If I had skin cancer, I would look up cancer, skin cancer and I would refer to the area of the body that the skin cancer is on, in addition to looking at the meridian and any organs, etc., that may be on that same meridian and how they may be an indication of the problem as well.

Step 5 – If it is clear what the underlying emotional issue is, once you have completed the above steps, go to Step 6. If you are not yet clear on the underlying emotional issue, I recommend taking time to write in your journal asking for guidance from spirit and your angels, to make it clearer to you. You may also want to set an intention before going to sleep and write insights in your dream journal as mentioned above.

Step 6 – Now that you are clear about the underlying emotions, spend some time getting clear about any negative beliefs you may have about the injury or illness that you are healing. Consider any negative statements that you make about the problem. Also, consider whether you own the issue as your health challenge or just an inconvenience that is on it’s way out. For instance, if you have skin cancer, do you own that as fact, by saying I have skin cancer or my skin cancer, or do you call it a skin lesion or skin abrasion that is clearing up more and more each day. Consider also, what your beliefs are about the underlying emotional issues.

Step 7 – When you are ready, begin to do the work to heal each of the underlying emotions and feelings, by releasing anger, fear, guilt, abandonment, etc. Use whatever process you already have for doing so, or use the Krystagraphs and processes, included in my book: Krystagraphs for Releasing Negative Feelings and Emotions.

Step 8 – Once you are ready to change your beliefs, use a process you currently use, or follow the process for instantly changing your beliefs along with the Belief Replacement Symbol that you will find in my book, Power Symbols for Balanced Energy.

Step 9 – Faith is the key to complete success with any healing process. If you have doubts of any sort, theFaith & Trust
likelihood of achieving permanent healing, from what I have experienced with myself and clients, is less than 1%. I highly encourage you to pay very close to your beliefs about your ability to heal. Ask yourself the question, what do I gain by continuing to have this ailment or injury? Are you getting attention, you otherwise don’t receive? Are you hiding behind this ailment so other’s don’t get to know the real you? There can be many things that we receive as personal gain by continuing to have an ailment and without acknowledging and clearing those, you will not be successful in your healing journey.

I recommend posting this quote on your mirror, to remind yourself to trust and know (don’t just believe, but know without any doubt), that you are already healed.

Healing Can Take Time and Patience

In 2001, when I discovered that I had a Golf Ball sized lump in my left breast, I took daily steps that each provided a new direction for me to become open to receive my healing. In my case it brought me into alignment so I could receive the Krystagraphs that I share today. That path cost me $1,000’s and a huge variety of experiences, but the key was that I never gave up. From the time I noticed the lump until I finally got the message to draw the symbols floating in my aura, from a Medical Intuitive I was seeing at the time, more than 15 months passed. It took an additional 6 weeks before I received the full set of symbols for removing the lump and healing my breast. During that entire time, the most important part of my healing journey, was the Faith I had that I would be healed.

The key is to never give up, never stopped asking the question above, and never stop looking at the beliefs, the underlying emotions, that caused the ailment. So, although it took me only 20 minutes to remove the lump, once I received the Krystagraphs and process, it took me 16.5 months to get to the point of doing that process.

What I have found over the years is that Faith and the willingness to be honest with yourself as well as willing to take the time necessary to do the inner emotional work as well as changing your beliefs, is worth the journey and that new possibilities open up as you grow and learn.

I also find that sometimes it is necessary to work with someone, who will listen carefully and provide me with insights that I have not been able to see on my own. Our minds can play games with us and sometimes having another person’s perspective can be extremely helpful in moving through your healing faster. If you are interested in booking a private session to help you to uncover the underlying cause or belief for any heal challenge, you can book a session by going here!

Remember…These steps should be done in conjunction with whatever your medical practitioner has you doing. If you chose to do these with or without your medical practitioners’ involvement it is totally up to you and I nor your medical professional can be held responsible for your decisions and actions.

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