How to Shed Extra Pounds Permanently

If you are like most people you over indulged during the holidays and figured you’d be able to easily take off those extra pounds in the new year. I remember those days oh so well, myself.  With two weeks behind us in the New Year, if you are like most of people, the New Years resolutions have started to take a back seat to your busy days and you keep thinking tomorrow I’ll start that new diet or exercise program. But tomorrow never seems to come.

Sound familiar?

Diet and Exercise Alone Don’t Work

weight loss, diet, exerciseThe problem is that weight loss isn’t all about diet and exercise. Frankly unless you address the underlying component, you are far less likely to lose the excess weight and more importantly even if you do lose it, the chances of keeping if off are far less.

You see the minute your energy system shuts down one or more energy centers (aka Chakras) in your body and your underlying beliefs or emotions that got you to where you are now, are triggered again, you will put the weight right back on.

My Own Weight Loss Struggles

Weight Loss Struggle

You might think, well, what does Krystalya know about this subject, she’s
thin and has probably never had a weight problem. Well, if that is what you are thinking you’d be wrong. Although for the most part you are right, there was a period of time when I put on 15 pounds in less than three weeks and it took me over 3 years to take that weight off.


I tried diet and exercise and even some a weight loss supplement, my doctor gave me. And although I dropped a few pounds, the slightest thing that triggered the underlying emotions would cause me to put the extra weight back on, with an added pound or two.

On the surface it appeared that I was so wrapped up in my mother’s illness and imminent demise, that I just wasn’t eating right and was grabbing all types of junk whenever I was hungry. I remember arriving home after the trip and my husband, remarking that he didn’t recognize me when I got off the plane.

I had gained weight so quickly that I had to rush out and buy new clothes, just to attend her funeral and go back to work. I assumed that once I got back into my normal routine, that I’d drop the extra pounds, but try as I might, I didn’t lose any of the weight.

Then I started recognizing the relationship between my emotional state and eating and realized that it related to not being able to control what was happening to my mother and whenever I felt over burdened or unable to control the outcome of something happening in my life, that I would immediately reach for some sugary snack. At first I figured I could just manage it by noticing when I was feeling overwhelmed and out of control and watch what I was eating.

That didn’t work, in fact it caused the opposite effect, because now I was beating myself up for not being able to control my eating habit. The more I beat myself up, the more weight I put on until I was more than 25 pounds over weight.

Once I finally released the emotional triggers, forgive myself and changed my beliefs about myself the weight dropped off and stayed off.

Your Energy Center Blockages that Are Stopping You from Losing Weight

When I work with clients that are wanting to lose weight, I always start with checking their energy centers for any blockages. Most of the time the blockages are in the same location as the most excess weight is being held on your body.

If most of your excess weight is…

  • In your hips or thighs, typically the Root Chakra is shut down
  • In your lower abdominal area, typically the Sacral Center is shut down
  • In your upper abdominal area, typically the Solar Plexus is shut down
  • In your chest and arms, typically the Heart Center is shut down

Getting the energy flowing by using the Chakra Opening and Balancing Krystagraph is a good place to start. By doing so, you will likely trigger some of the underlying emotions and non-supportive beliefs. If you keep them open and pay attention to the emotions and beliefs that show up, you’ll start to see the issues that need to be released and the beliefs that need to be changed to get to your ideal weight and stay there.


If you find that your…

  • Thymus Gland is shutdown, it is likely that you have lost your will to live and that you are putting the weight on to hide or bury that lack of desire to live.
  • Throat Chakra is shutdown, it is likely related to your inability to speak your positive affirmations to change your beliefs about your weight
  • Third Eye Chakra is shutdown, that you are most likely allowing your mind chatter to continually beat yourself up
  • Crown Chakra is shutdown, that you have disconnected from source, are depressed and are eating to feed your depression.

Keep in mind that you may have more than one energy center shutdown and it will be important to look at the underlying emotions and beliefs for each of the shutdown areas.

Typical Underlying Emotional Issues and Beliefs You May Want to Consider

Although certainly this is just the tip of the iceberg so to speak, here are a few emotional issues and beliefs to consider, based on where you are carrying your excess weight.

A Shutdown Root Center is likely to be related to feelings of…

  • Lack of Support or feeling unable to support yourself
  • If you carry excess weight on your Hips, it is likely that you are storing emotional lumps of Anger at one or both of your parents – or an authority figure
  • If your excess weight is on your Thighs, it is like that you have Emotional Anger/Rage, typically toward your father or male authority figure

A Shutdown Sacral Center is likely to be related to feelings of…

  • Fear of Loss, afraid that you are going to lose respect, love, a relationship, etc.
  • If you carry your excess weight in your lower abdomen area you are like to be Angry that you have been denied nourishment. This is not likely to have anything to do with food, but instead the lack of nourishing your souls deepest desires and passions.

A Shutdown Solar Plexus is likely to be related to feelings of…

  • Fear of being rejected by someone that you feel a need to be loved by
  • If you carry your excess weight in your Upper Abdomen, it is likely to be related to the Fear that you will be denied nourishment. This could be a fear that you won’t get food, or fear that you won’t be allowed to enjoy what you are passionate about.

A Shutdown Heart Center is likely to be related to feelings of…

  • Fear of not being loved or lovable
  • Excess weight carried around your chest is typically representative of a desire to Hide from Love for fear of having your heart broken. It may also be an indication that you are angry because your heart has been broken.
  • Excess weight carried in your Arms indicates that you are likely to be angry at being denied love

Taking the Next Steps to Losing Your Excess Weight

Now that you have identified one or more of the underlying emotional reasons that have kept you from losing the excess weight, it’s time to start releasing those underlying emotions. Whether the issue is fear, abandonment, or anger, you must begin to release those emotions and heal them in order to move forward to achieve your ideal weight and keep off the excess weight.

It is just as important that you change your beliefs about yourself, and start loving yourself more fully.

To give you the best support possible, I encourage you to take the next step and join the growing group of people who have achieved their weight loss goals using Krystagraphs and the Processes for healing your underlying emotions that are keeping you stuck and unable to lose the excess weight.

The program is normally $247, but if you act quickly you’ll be able to save a bundle by following this special link.

You can try the program for 30 days and if you are not 100% satisfied just contact us for a full refund. You have nothing to lose by Excess Weight that you’ve struggled to lose for a long time! 


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