How Your Spirituality Can Change Your Life & the World

What You Put Your Attention on is What You Create We’ve all heard that what we focus on is what we create. So why is it that it seems that more people today are focused on negative news than ever before. Some of my most spiritual friends are suddenly mentioning negative events that have happened. In fact, it seems that although I stopped watching the news or reading news, over 20 years ago, that suddenly I am finding myself drawn into news because either my computer browser or my phone shows me stories, or a friend brings up the latest …CONTINUE READING HERE: How Your Spiritual Practice Can Change Your Life & the World

Is there Power in Fighting for What We Believe In?

I chose the word “Fighting” in the title above very specifically. I believe it is important to stand-up for what we believe in and to work toward creating a more loving and positive world to live in. I believe it’s important for us to respect Mother Earth and our environment, and our resources for generations to come. With that being said, I also believe that it’s important to look carefully at how we go about doing this work we are here to do. Since the Presidential Election, I have seen more hatred and anger than I am accustomed to seeing …CONTINUE READING HERE: Is there Power in Fighting for What We Believe In?