How Your Spirituality Can Change Your Life & the World

What You Put Your Attention on is What You Create We’ve all heard that what we focus on is what we create. So why is it that it seems that more people today are focused on negative news than ever before. Some of my most spiritual friends are suddenly mentioning negative events that have happened. In fact, it seems that although I stopped watching the news or reading news, over 20 years ago, that suddenly I am finding myself drawn into news because either my computer browser or my phone shows me stories, or a friend brings up the latest …CONTINUE READING HERE: How Your Spiritual Practice Can Change Your Life & the World

A Big Warm Hug

Talk about total and complete love. This hug says it all! A hug can be one of the greatest ways to healing. Find someone and give them a hug today, it just might be the greatest gift they will receive today!

Wisdom from a 6 Year Old

Wisdom from a six year old, that you won’t want to miss. I wish more people would see this and understand the importance of Grant’s message. Would love to hear your ideas on how we can create a world like Grant is envisioning. Post your comments below.

Wisdom from an Unlikely Source

Most of us would never consider a 14 year old to be someone as wise as this young man is. Royce Mann, 8th grader from Atlanta, GA, USA, wrote and performed this slam poem as part of a school competition. He ended up taking home first place. I’d love to hear your comments below.  

Real Commitment

Check out what this 16 year old boy is doing for generations to come. If we all took a stand like this young man to make a difference in our world, maybe we would find World Peace, Greater Health, and a planet that will thrive for generations to come.

Act of Kindness

Some of the simplest things can make the biggest changes in someone’s life. Many years ago I walked to the corner store, about a mile away from home, to purchase a stamp and mail a letter. I got into line and ordered my stamp and when I went to pay I was discovered that I had forgotten to put money into my pocket. I was embarrassed and started to excuse myself from the line when the lady behind me paid for the postage stamp. That simple act of kindness has remained with me all of these years. Get out your …CONTINUE READING HERE: Act of Kindness

The Power of Persistence

Persistence is one of the qualities of greatness. I think you’ll find this video inspiring. It shows great courage, amazing persistence and the power of love. Tissue Alert!

Changing Lives

Sometimes it’s the simplest act that changes lives even when you don’t know that it will. I challenge you to do an act of kindness everyday for the next 30 days and let us know what happened in the comments box below.  

The Beauty of Living in the Present Moment

Most of us live either fretting about the past or worrying about the future. We continually rehash in our mind the event that occurred, especially those events that had a negative impact on us. Or worse yet we talk about it with every person we speak to. Reliving every moment as though it just happened. For many of us it has become such a habit that we don’t even notice that we are doing it and worse yet we miss things that are happening all around us in the moment. The habit of looking at the past is ingrained into …CONTINUE READING HERE: The Beauty of Living in the Present Moment

Are You Willing to Follow Your Inner Guidance?

When we listen to our inner guidance sometimes we are guided to do things that we think would be crazy to do. Why would we want to give up what feels secure? Well, having followed my inner guidance down many paths that most would feel were “Stupid” to do, I’ve ended up being blessed immensely. That being said, I have to wonder if I would have had the amount of faith this man had when he heard his calling. Would you have had the faith he had? Share some of the moments when you followed your inner guidance even though …CONTINUE READING HERE: Are You Willing to Follow Your Inner Guidance?