30 Things to Be Grateful For

Reality Check… Gratitude is one of those daily practices that I cherish because it reminds me how blessed my life really is. I call it my “Reality Check” practice, because it’s my way of reminding myself how truly fortunate I am, even when times are tough. I actually like to come up with new things I am grateful for each day based on the day and as I am falling asleep, I go through them in my mind. It puts me in a very peaceful state, and puts a smile on my face as I drift off to sleep. It …CONTINUE READING HERE: 30 Things to Be Grateful For

Yoga and the Bigger Picture

Marty Tita Tulum ..Tulum Mexico When I am ready to immerse myself in an hour of practicing yoga, I first sit in a lotus pose with my hands in prayer position over my heart. I then softly recite words out loud that I created a while back to help me slow down and connect to a higher power, gratitude and the blessing of being alive. Those words are, “I will do whatever you want me to do, for as long as you allow me to be in this body.” This is my way to come into a quiet, more humble …CONTINUE READING HERE: Yoga and the Bigger Picture

The Top 5 Quickest Ways to Boost Your Happiness

Articles with titles like this usually offer up simple platitudes for being happy, such as “accept everyone,” or “live a balanced life.” While those ideas are true, they are also basically worthless. Such platitudes are so general that they don’t really give you anything that impacts your daily life. This article is different. I’m going to tell you what scientific research shows are the top 5 things you can quickly do to boost your level of happiness. 5. Write down three things you feel grateful for in your life. They could be big things—such as your children, or small things …CONTINUE READING HERE: The Top 5 Quickest Ways to Boost Your Happiness

Self Love. The Gift.

Self Love is accepting and allowing people to Be who they are. It starts with allowing your Self to be who you are. Self Love is surrender to the Higher Self. It is acknowledging that you are courageous and feeling, charitable, appreciative, gracious, joyful, saying yes to Life, and Trust worthy. It is surrendering to this god box of beliefs even when you do not believe them to be true. It is surrendering to your deepest feelings that speak of wonderment and adventure. It is to know that Hope can only Believe if you have Faith and Trust in your-Self. …CONTINUE READING HERE: Self Love. The Gift.