Yoga and the Bigger Picture

Marty Tita Tulum ..Tulum Mexico

Marty Tita Tulum ..Tulum Mexico

When I am ready to immerse myself in an hour of practicing yoga, I first sit in a lotus pose with my hands in prayer position over my heart. I then softly recite words out loud that I created a while back to help me slow down and connect to a higher power, gratitude and the blessing of being alive. Those words are, “I will do whatever you want me to do, for as long as you allow me to be in this body.” This is my way to come into a quiet, more humble place before I start my yoga practice.

I love that little prayer, although my ego still has power over my social interactions, lots of my thoughts and feelings, and my desires and dreams. I do not consider this a bad thing; however I do not take those ego driven reactions to life as seriously as I used to. I know now that there is more to life than winning or losing, and that although I like the world to see me in a good light as much as possible, I understand that, on a higher level, how the world sees me is actually none of my business. If I like myself and how I am each day, I sleep better at night and I wake up relatively happy and at peace with who I am… and that’s priceless!

I recently heard a sweet parable from a friend that I want to share with you here. He told me that if God gave him two hearts, he would use one for loving and one for hating. But since God only gave him one heart, he made the decision to use his only heart just to love. I think the most important part of that story is that we really do have a choice, to either focus our attention on what is painful or what is pleasurable. In spite of all the old wounds from past traumas, we still have the power of choice. Where shall I choose to focus my attention today? Understanding this is powerful, no matter what we end up choosing to focus on.

I am also blessed to have a wonderful yoga teacher who is clear with her languaging and thoughtful of me with regards to my lack of vision. She also recites a prayer at the end of each yoga class that I think is so beautiful. It’s her unique way of helping all her students connect to the bigger picture of what we are all doing here. Here it is.

“May I be nourished by this practice, body, mind and spirit, not only for myself, but so that my presence here on earth may be as an agent of change through the peace I cultivate in my mind, the compassion I cultivate in my heart, and by the virtues of my actions.”

Marty Klein Author, Blind Sighted: 1 Man’s Journey from Sight to Insight, Emotional Cleansing, a Journey to a Clear Heart, The Enlightened Gambler, 5 CD set Yoga for the Visually impaired.  To learn more about Marty and his offerings visit:  Blind Yoga

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