Inside the Medicine Bag: Tools for Awakening Consciousness

Abbreviated Excerpt from Spirit Recovery Medicine Bag: A Transformational Guide for Living, Happy, Joyous and Free By Lee McCormick and Mary Falkner, co-authors of Spirit Recovery Medicine Bag Spirit Recovery Medicine Bag by two seasoned experts, Lee McCormick and Mary Falkner, is a guide for finding the way back to one’s personal truth, authenticity and purpose by shedding the stories that we tell ourselves about our own lives–-using heart-opening methodologies.     Exercise1—Exploring Your HopesandDreams Write in a journal and share your answers: What do I long for? What does it feel like? What about life hooks my imagination? What …CONTINUE READING HERE: Inside the Medicine Bag: Tools for Awakening Consciousness

THE JOY RAY: The Willingness to Live an Exquisite Life

Excerpt from The Council of Light, by Danielle Rama Hoffman. © …With your free will ask yourself this very important question, “Are you willing to experience more joy in your life?” This seems like the simplest of questions and you may rush to answer “Yes.” You may desire to be happier, to have more joy, and to have more fun. These things may be what you have been longing for. On the surface it is easy to answer, “Yes,” and that is actually all that is necessary. Yet on a deeper level are you really willing to be happy, to …CONTINUE READING HERE: THE JOY RAY: The Willingness to Live an Exquisite Life

Self Love. The Gift.

Self Love is accepting and allowing people to Be who they are. It starts with allowing your Self to be who you are. Self Love is surrender to the Higher Self. It is acknowledging that you are courageous and feeling, charitable, appreciative, gracious, joyful, saying yes to Life, and Trust worthy. It is surrendering to this god box of beliefs even when you do not believe them to be true. It is surrendering to your deepest feelings that speak of wonderment and adventure. It is to know that Hope can only Believe if you have Faith and Trust in your-Self. …CONTINUE READING HERE: Self Love. The Gift.