How are Jingles, Songs, Rhymes and More Affecting You?

Most of live our lives in a hypnotic trance state, without questioning the beliefs we walk around with and live our lives by every day. Eldon Taylor, in an interview I did with him several years ago, said that when we watch television we are hypnotized within the first 3 minutes of watching and that it is impossible for us to avoid it. Once we are in that hypnotic state we are much more susceptible to suggestions that are made to us. I believe, that we are also in that same state when we are listening to music and jingles …CONTINUE READING HERE: How are Jingles, Songs, Rhymes and More Affecting You?

What Are Beliefs and What is Reality?

The question “What Are Beliefs?” was posed to me recently and I had an immediate answer and then I went deeper into my heart to listen for an answer. So, I decided to share my immediate answer and then to take you on the journey of the deeper thoughts that came to me. Most importantly though is that I would love your comments and feedback. I believe that this conversation could be the catalyst for amazing change in our world. My immediate answer to “What Are Beliefs”, was quite simple. Beliefs are the the thoughts that run our lives everyday …CONTINUE READING HERE: What Are Beliefs and What is Reality?

Self Love. The Gift.

Self Love is accepting and allowing people to Be who they are. It starts with allowing your Self to be who you are. Self Love is surrender to the Higher Self. It is acknowledging that you are courageous and feeling, charitable, appreciative, gracious, joyful, saying yes to Life, and Trust worthy. It is surrendering to this god box of beliefs even when you do not believe them to be true. It is surrendering to your deepest feelings that speak of wonderment and adventure. It is to know that Hope can only Believe if you have Faith and Trust in your-Self. …CONTINUE READING HERE: Self Love. The Gift.