Tips to speed up the healing process

I’m often asked by my clients…How can I make sure I heal quickly? So, I decided to share a few of my top tips for faster healing. These won’t be things you’ll find on the medical sites. 🙂

  1. I’ve been healing myself for as long as I can remember and for me the most important thing you need to pay attention to is your belief about healing quickly. If you believe it is going to take a long time. it will. And of course if you believe you can heal quickly you will as well. Don’t buy into the predictions of your doctor about what is typical for healing. Remember you aren’t a statistic you are your own best friend when it comes to healing yourself. Yes, you are the healer.
  2. Do a quick energy tune-up of your Chakras. Blockages in your energy body will keep the energy from flowing to the area of the body that requires healing. You can breathe energy into each of the Chakras by simply taking a deep breathe, bringing in Golden Light through your entire body, through the crown of your head and then breathing in a ball of light into each chakra area and expanding it. Red for the Root chakra at the base of the spine; Orange for the Sacral Chakra just below your Belly Button; Yellow for the Solar Plexus Chakra in the soft spot at the bottom of your breastbone; Green for the Heart Center in the middle of your chest; Indigo Blue for the Throat Chakra in the soft spot at the top of your breastbone; Violet for the Third Eye Chakra in the center of your forehead; and White for the Crown Chakra in the top of your head.

    You can also use the Krystgraphs that simply open and balance your Chakras in 20 seconds or less. The Chakra Opening and Balancing Krystagraph does a general tune-up of the entire Chakra system, and for energizing specific Chakras there are individual Krystagraphs for each Chakra. The full set of Krystagraphs for Balancing the Chakras can be found in my book, Power Symbols for Balanced Energy.

  3. Be willing to look at the underlying emotional / psychological issue related to what you are healing. For instance, when I removed the lump from my breast using the Lump Removal Krystagraph, I was also guided to do some healing work around the psychological issues related to where I was not nurturing myself. I looked at my underlying beliefs about nurturing myself, I did some belief replacement and I also worked with the Angel of Self Nurturing Krystagraph. The entire process took me about 20 minutes.

    My two favorite resources that provide me with insights on the underlying emotional and psychological causes of ailments are: Heal Your Body by Louise Hay (provides a simple few words that give you the reader what to look for) and 1000 Diseases and Their Psychological Causes by Christiane Beerlandt (this book goes indepth into the psychological causes and I find it much more helpful than the the Louise Hay book in many ways). I use the information contained in these books to guide me to what thoughts and beliefs I have that may relate. Sometimes that means looking deeply at your life and your underlying fears, anger, resentment and more and being honest with yourself about those things.Also, be willing to forgive yourself or another person as part of the process for real healing to take place. Once you are able to release those feelings and emotions, do the forgiveness work, and change your beliefs, you’ll see quick results. A fast and effective process for changing your beliefs instantly, with Krystagraphs can be found in my book,  Power Symbols for Balanced Energy.

  4. Have you heard the saying Laughter is the Best Medicine? Well, I incorporate laughter into all of my healing. During my early dating years, my boyfriend and I were playing with my dog. I wanted my boyfriend to move his foot and he held it strong, in a playful way. So, I pulled and pulled until suddenly he allowed it to move. As his foot came off the ground, it caught the end of my big toe nail and ripped it off of the nail bed. Ouch would be the normal reaction, but I immediately starting laughing at how silly I had been to create what had just happened. Everyone that witnessed this thought I had lost my mind, but that toe nail healed up in about 24 hours. Yes, it took longer than that for the nail to grow back, but the actual wound was pain free and healing instantly and other than the missing nail, it looked fine within 24 hours. That was one of those experiences that changed my life and taught me a lot about our ability to heal ourselves.

    I look for the humor in what I did that caused the injury, or I look for the humor in how I’ve held onto my anger instead of forgiving and how that has sucked the life out of me. I laugh at what I call the human condition. Laughter helps to take the focus away from your problems and focuses you on the positive. Laughter decreases the stress hormones in your body and increases the immune system. Watch comedy movies, or stand up comedy. Get a laughter meditation and listen to it or go to the local park and play with children who are laughing.

  5. I also sending energy to the location in my body that needs healing. I don’t send just any energy though, I draw in the energy through the top of my head directly from source. I simply visualize golden energy coming from source and surrounding the affected area, I then visualize rays of violet light pulsing healing energy into the area and most importantly I send love energy, in the form of green light, into the area. I do this while in a meditative state and then intend that that healing energy will continue to do it’s work throughout the day. I then add in the powerful energy of the appropriate Krystagraph for aiding in the healing, by holding the image in my non-dominate hand, visualizing it, or simply placing it on the injured area. I also wear them in my bra, or use first aid tape and tape them to my body.

    A few years ago I was visiting with a friend who was getting rid of a fairly large old Television, one of the big ones with the tube. It was heavy and bulky and he was attempting to put it into a large waste container on wheels. The container kept moving and so I decided to be helpful and hold down the front of the container for my friend. I placed my thumbs over the edge of the container with the rest of my hand on the outside of it. Almost instantly, the TV slipped from my friends hands and landed on both thumbs. By the time he was able to lift the TV off of my thumbs, they were swollen, and frankly I couldn’t tell if they were broken or not. He went into panic and concern mode, so I immediately hurried away, I didn’t need that energy if I wanted to heal those thumbs. I grabbed 2 small ice packs and immediately went into meditation and began working on focusing healing energy on both thumbs. Within 2 hours you would never have known that my thumbs had been injured at all.

  6. I also want you to be aware that there are physical things that help as well, such as icing the area, (like I did with my thumbs), applying heat to stimulate blood flow, taking vitamins and other supplements to help with the healing process, including herbal supplements and supplements that reduce inflammation, such as Turmeric. Elevating an injury can also be helpful as well.

The real key to healing anything, is to tune in and ask what is going to help most in this situation. Be sure to seek medical attention when needed and especially if your life is in danger. An appendix attack, heart attack, stroke or deep vein thrombosis for examples are not something you should try these techniques on, without also seeking medical attention. You can always come back to the energy healing, once you’ve taken care of the emergency, through traditional Western Medicine. When seeking medical attention though, do your best not to buy into their predictions and instead ask questions, be informed and do what feels right to you. In other words don’t give up your power to anyone else.

I love feedback and questions. Just post them in the comment box below.

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