The Missing Piece for Energy Healing to Work!

Whether you are trying to manifest your dreams or are doing  energy healing for physical ailments, if you aren’t getting the results you want this missing piece is always the cause. Yes, clearing and balancing your chakras, doing emotional healing, changing your beliefs, changing your diet and even visualization are all important, but on their own you will not get permanent results.


energy healingThe piece that is missing is your belief that healing or manifesting your desire is possible.

Belief though by itself is still not enough to get the energy healing results you are looking for if there are doubts within your beliefs. That’s why I prefer to say when you know without a shadow of a doubt that you are healed, or you are going to receive that which you desire, and that you just haven’t experienced the results of the healing in this moment, is when the miracles happen.

Many people call this Faith or Trust, but for the most part people, think of Faith as something to do with religion. The quote in the image to the left, is one of the many tools I use when I find myself doubting whether my energy healing or manifesting are working or not. Yes, I too find myself doubting sometimes, when the results don’t happen in the timeframe that I expect or desire.

In fact, I like to say that quote several times during my day to remind me that the Divine is always there to catch me or teach me how to fly. The divine is always there to give us our hearts desire and it is our subconscious mind that sabotages those results with doubt.

The key here is that if you are doing all of the energy healing work you know to do, and are not receiving the healing, the money, success or relationships you desire, the first place to look is at your ability to trust totally and completely without a single doubt.


energy healing Trust may seem simple, but the minute you have a single doubt, that trust is broken, for that moment. Becoming vigilent in looking at your thoughts, your mind chatter and the words you speak are all part of how you will begin to uncover the doubts that are keeping you from receiving the results you desire from energy healing or any other thing you are wanting to manifest. One of the fastest ways to identify those doubts is to have a friend reflect back to you, the words you say that reflect doubt. For instance you might be holding the vision or intention to receive money, yet you say to a friend, if that money shows up, I’ll be taking that vacation to Egypt, I’ve always wanted. A good friend would gently mention to you that you said if, instead of when that money shows up…

The difference in one word clearly shows some doubt in your subconscious mind. The solultion is to immediately reframe your statement, removing the words that show doubt, and then take it one step further, by taking a moment to see yourself in Egypt and feel what it feels like to have more money than you need on that trip to enjoy every amenity you desire.

The other important piece is to become vigilant in monitoring your thoughts on your own. The more a friend helps, the more likely you are to start noticing your patterns on your own as well.

Love & Trust Krystagraph™

energy healing
To assist you with your energy healing and manifesting your desires you may want to also use the Love and Trust Krystagraph™, by keeping it near you and working with it every time you have any doubts. It’s as simple as holding it while re-framing your thoughts and then feeling yourself connecting to the Love from the Divine as you once again put your Trust in the Divine.

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