Overcoming Anxiety & Stress

Do you find yourself suffering from anxiety and stress? If so, you are not alone… According to the National Institute of Mental Health (NIH)… The average onset age of anxiety is 11 years old Anxiety is prevalent annually in more than 18% of the US population Women are 60% more likely to suffer from anxiety than men Black people are 20% less likely to suffer from anxiety than white people Hispanic people are 30% less likely to suffer from anxiety than white people The thing is that those numbers represent only the people whose stress and anxiety has been diagnosed …CONTINUE READING HERE: Overcoming Anxiety & Stress

The Destructive Force of 'Fear'

If you’re a human being, you have emotions. We can’t deny them any more than we can deny having a right hand. We love with passion, we enjoy a good sad movie, and at times we are overcome with tears of joy. But when do our emotions become destructive to our health? While we can’t simply shut off our emotions, we can learn to guide the destructive ones….to recognize them as destructive, and then loosen them…the same way a tight knot is loosened and set free. One emotion every person with a serious illness struggles with is fear. Fear is …CONTINUE READING HERE: The Destructive Force of ‘Fear’

Healing from Anxiety Without Medication

Sharon Feighan has written and completed a self help handbook for people suffering anxiety and panic attacks based on her own experience with this debilitating disorder. Anxiety and Panic disorders affect an astonishing amount of people word wide: – 40 million people in the U.S. will experience an impairment because of an anxiety condition this year. – Only 4 million will receive treatment, and of those, only 400,000 will receive proper treatment. – Those who experience anxiety and stress have a very high propensity for drug abuse and addictions. Further statistics show: 65% of North Americans take prescription medications …CONTINUE READING HERE: Healing from Anxiety Without Medication