Journey to Inner Peace - Part 2


In part 1 of the Journey to Inner Peace I talked about how your energy is affected by negativity and I provided a video and exercise for you to do, so that you could learn to feel how your energy is being affected by the outside world, both positively and negatively. Today, I’m going to delve into some of the steps you can take to find inner peace.

I asked Spirit… What is the fastest way for people to find more inner peace?

Spirit Said… The first step to finding more inner peace is to notice the things around you that are causing you to feel agitated, stressed and anxious. Once you notice those things begin eliminating those that you can do without. For example, after listening to the news or reading the news do you find yourself concerned about your safety or the safety of your family? Do you find yourself wondering if the economy is going to collapse and that you won’t be able to provide for yourself and your family?

If you are feeling negativity after watching the news and you continue down that path you will create more negativity in your life. It becomes a very quick downward spiral and the longer you stay in that place the more negativity you create.

Remember to use the tool mentioned in part 1 of the “Journey to Inner Peace”, to determine how you feel after an activity, such as watching the news. If you don’t feel awesome, than why are you continuing to do it? Can you stop watching or reading the news? Ask yourself, what would happen if I stopped reading or watching the news? Once you get the answer, ask yourself if that is true or just something you are doing as a pattern. Most people that watch the news think they need to be informed, yet I challenge you to consider how being informed is helping you.

Take this opportunity to consider how many things you do each day that are feeding your soul? Write them down. Now, list the things you are doing each day that are draining you, stressing you out, making you anxious, etc. Taking the second list determine one thing you can eliminate from that list. (i.e. watching the news or watching movies that include violence and killing or possibly the games you play on your mobile device, or foods and drinks that are not healthy). Make a commitment to yourself to eliminate one thing from the list  of things that are impacting you negatively.

Now, look at the list of the things you are doing that feed your soul. Ask yourself, how often are you doing those things and which one would you love to do more of. Pick one and make a commitment to do it more frequently. Then pick one item from the list and make a commitment to do it daily, because you are worth it.

I asked Spirit… How is inner peace going to really help the world in general?

Spirit Said… When you are peace filled inside, you reflect that same peacefulness out into the world. You act calmly in situations that you previously would have reacted to. Reaction is typically the biggest cause of conflict between one or more people. Yes, there is the financial aspects that are always part of war, but when enough people are more peaceful inside they won’t allow the governments and those in power with money to create conflicts out of greed. As David Hawkins points out in his book “Power vs Force”, as the level of consciousness is raised you exponentially offset those at the lower levels of consciousness. In so doing you begin to create more peacefulness and love all around you.

I asked Spirit… Is there anything we as a human race can do to stop ISIS and other terrorist groups without going to war with them, without bombing them and killing more people?

Spirit Said… Gather together and collectively meditate. Send love out into the world. do this in large groups, by connecting in any way you can. If you aren’t able to connect in a group, filling the world with love while meditating and sending love to every person in the world is another way to help. The important thing is to find inner peace and be loving and compassionate with everyone.

World Peace Meditation… A while back I lead a regular World Peace Meditation using symbols. Below are the symbols and the audio of the guided meditation. I hope you enjoy them.

World Peace Triad of Symbols – Click on the image to access the symbols for printing.

World Peace Meditation 

If you would enjoy gathering across the world, via the Internet either on Hangouts or over the phone, to do this meditation with me, submit your comment, to let me know of your interest. If enough people are interested, I’ll be happy to do these again.


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