Journey to Inner Peace

I wanted to share my thoughts on finding Inner Peace, which in my opinion is the only way we can create World Peace. As many or you know, I rarely ever watch or read any news. My well meaning friends are on top of that and if they think I need to know about something, they keep me informed. So, hence the reason for my delay on what I am about to share.

After the attack on February 13th in Paris, the French leader retaliated by bombing Syria, just 2 days later. As, I heard this news, I immediately began to pray and here is the message I have been guided to share with you.

I asked Spirit… I can’t help but wonder, when the bloodshed in the world is going to stop? What is it that needs to happen to stop this mad behavior?

Spirit said… Until humankind learns to understand that by killing anyone they are killing a piece of themselves, war and killing will continue. If people would allow themselves to notice how they feel, when they see killing going on they would than understand what I mean when I say; they are killing a piece of themselves. Instead, most people are caught up in a trance state as they watch the killing and become more and more numb to it as more and more of them is dying inside.

I asked Spirit…  So, what are some steps that people can take to get out of this trance state?

Spirit said… The first step is recognition and awareness. It is time that more of you who are aware, begin to help awaken those who are not aware by sharing in little bite size nuggets of wisdom, the simple truth about how you are hurting yourself every time you hurt someone else. How when you witness someone else being hurt, you are being hurt. How movies with war and violence are numbing you and keeping you from truly feeling the impact when real killing is happening. Share how violent video games are also numbing people to the hurtfulness of wars and killing while lowering your energetic vibration.

I asked Spirit…  Is there a way to demonstrate to people the effects of war on our energetic field and the harm that it does to humankind over the long term?

Spirit said… As I mentioned earlier, noticing how you feel when you witness someone being killed is a great way to understand how these killings are actually affecting you. Notice how you feel as you picture a seeing someone killed and then how you feel when you picture a giggling infant. To do so, get quiet for a moment and allow yourself to notice deep inside, how you feel, in each instance. This simple exercise it will give you a good idea how your energy can be quickly transformed either positively or negatively. Take a moment and notice “now” how you are feeling, and then watch this video.

Now, check in and see how you feel? I’m betting you feel much lighter and happier. I’m also betting that if you were to watch a war movie or a video of a murder that you would feel heavier and less happy, possibly even depressed. Even if you were to read a news article about a murder, or mass murder, and check in on your energy, I’m sure you would notice that you are feeling heavier and darker emotionally. If you aren’t convinced, you can try this by visualizing a murder scene from a movie you’ve watched in the past or read an article on a news site about a murder, and then take note of how you feel. To shift back watch the movie above once again.

Now consider this… if you were to regularly watch positive movies, or laughing babies, how much better you would feel?

If you are feeling positive and happy, your energy will also be higher and in the long run, you will not only feel better, you will treat yourself with more love, respect and kindness and hence treat others with more love, respect and kindness as well.

I asked Spirit… Is there a way to help people so that they learn to live well together, and to love each other for their perspective and I received this image from my friend Rick Beneteau at Ten Million Clicks for Peace.


It really spoke loudly to me. I’d love your comments and feedback. Also, be sure to come back for part 2 of this Journey to Inner Peace.

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