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Jeff-150x150Often I am asked: how do I know if it works for people? Is it a subjective-only result? This is a question only asked prior to people actually using the protocols, for after using them, especially for any dedicated time with consistency – they know. Brain Training works, it is well researched and documented in universities and medical studies across the world. And these results are evidenced scientifically by EEG machines.

So when I create a product that stimulates the brain, I can physically measure its effectiveness.

I literally have people come into my office and strap EEG machines onto peoples’ heads and submit them to various forms of stimulation and track what happens.
People arrive with mentally diverse situations – like suffering from ADD, or fears and anxieties – and we apply various stimulation and see what it does. This technology is greatly enhanced when combined with other expert know-how, (like NLP, EFT or Psychology).

Subjectively, people “feel” different things, based on the waves themselves, but also on the person’s history, background, phobias, habits: there are many influencers. However, with the EEG I can track exactly the amount of stimulation that is effecting the brain by a demonstration of calmer, more balanced and more consisted waves showing up on the EEG.

Difference Between Brain Wave Entrainment and Brain Wave Stimulation

Entrainment is a process of using stimulation to coerce the brain, to encourage the brain, to change its dominant brain wave pattern to adopt a new brain wave pattern, and there is a lot of proven benefit in that.
Stimulation, on the other hand, is not trying to manipulate, force or change the brain to adopt a new dominant brain wave function: rather its goal is to provide a wide range of stimulatory frequencies, that we know are going to be very beneficial to the brain, and then let the brain respond as it would naturally. In my research I consistently show this is the better way to go.

Entrainment, again, is the process where we are trying to get the brain to change its dominant brain wave frequency – the electrical activity in the brain. Entrainment specifies there is a “Frequency Following Response” – that if we provide a range of stimulation that falls in the natural range of human function… for example: as we are talking on the phone we would both be creating lots of beta waves, that waking state. Now, if I were to give you a visual flash or perhaps a tone at 18cycles per second – high beta – the theory is that after being exposed to it over a duration of time, your brain will indeed follow that tone or visual. Like gazing over at the crashing waves on the shore… or rain drops dripping off a gutter.

Stimulation is a process that assumes that the brain really knows what is best for itself, knows how to heal itself – and the only thing we need provide is positive stimulatory frequencies. By providing those frequencies, the brain has no choice but to respond… and that act of responding is what creates the desired outcome.

There are vast amounts of peer reviewed research (meaning that professionals and experts are willing to stake their reputation and their entire work on the research) on the efficacy of brain wave entrainment. This research demonstrates that brain wave entrainment creates an increase in cross-hemispheric communication, doing much to improve people’s awareness and intelligence, calm and focus.

I found it an important consideration, that within the immense amount of scientific research available, the vast majority does not in fact reference entrainment, but rather stimulation. It is stating that the benefits are not caused by creating this frequency following response… they are stating that the benefits are due to the person receiving these beneficial frequencies and the brain then responds however it responds.

So, I am not sure how the industry and media got so wrapped up with frequency following response and “entrainment” when so much of the great research does not even say that this following response is even required. By simply providing the brain with beneficial frequencies it responds as it needs to in order to heal.

I have found this to be true in my own research.

In current cutting edge research scientists are mapping out frequency ranges of stem cells. Amazing, they sort the healthy and the unhealthy ones, and they have found that they can heal/grow the unhealthy stems cells by broadcasting the healthy frequencies they have mapped out from that healthy stem cell, and the unhealthy cells simply know where to direct it, how to self heal.

So these scientists don’t start hitting it with the negative frequencies of how sick it is…and then gradually ramp it up! They simply hit it with positive frequencies, and as that cell responds it begins to grow and heal. I have found it is the same way in the brain. There is no need for entrainment – no need to force it, to trick it to go anywhere. Entrainment happens, it does happen. But when it happens we encourage it to happen naturally, when the brain is ready.

Discovering the Power of Video and Audio Stimulation Together

Creating a Better Technology

It is mapped out in the best research available, a demonstration that when we have both audio and video stimulation the whole process works much better than with just one or the other.

So, in studying where great effects have been created with light and sounds machines – I began to realize that the technology was not all it could be. Because I understand how the brain works, I inspected how the audio system is different than the visual system, and it really allowed me to create a better technology.

Let me explain.

For the new video component: traditionally there were bursts of lights in light machines, using goggles. This stimulated the brain, but it did not respect the processing power of how the brain is designed to work. Flashes of light do not carry “meaning”. Our visual systems project into about 40% of the cortex (roughly) to the brain. Much of this processing power is used to determined shape, color, depths, face contours… we are hard wired to do this. After all, this is how we begin to recognize people, and move around without bumping into the furniture. So flashes of light do not play to that strength of how the brain is literally hard wired to operate from the visual cortex.

So I took these visual frequencies and put them inside shapes that sometimes have depth… that sometimes have contours… and then move them in a visual field. In this way I actually cause increased cross-hemispheric communication through the optic pathway.

So that is how I have adapted my technology to actually respect the way the brain is designed to work.

I found it is much more powerful, more immediate and evokes a much more powerful cortical response. This encourages cross-hemispheric communication in a way that supersedes flashes of light.

Then I crafted positive, peripheral language, affirmations – just out of focus range, that passes through to the conscious mind with less or no judgment. This is important because peripheral messaging is very potent as we bypass the judgment of a positive affirmation…. perhaps one that we can’t really believe of our good fortune, our health, our desirability or abundance – so therefore we would judge it.

The Future of Passive Brain Fitness ™ and Overall Health

Proving it With My Mom

Passive Brain Fitness ™ opens up a great, fast, non-exhausting opportunity to exercise and increase the blood flow to our brain. This reduces people’s HABIT for stress, anxiety and fear. And to me these are the really important things, these very large quality of life issues. Prolonged, the habits are debilitating.

Once somebody has been experiencing generalized fear and anxiety for any appreciable amount of time, eliminating the “source” – you know, going back using psychology or other modalities that can go inside the mind and say, “ well, you can let go of this fear and anxiety because we have dealt with the source” – that just doesn’t work. The program in the mind is now organic, as we call it. It is running in the brain and it knows how to run no matter what you do with how it all started.

I worked with my mom recently. She was suffering with the exact traits mentioned above; overwhelm and general fear. So I wanted to create something that would work for her and others like her. Knowing that ultimately, we don’t care how it started, we just really want to “pattern-interrupt” that pathway which had grown and become quite debilitating in her life.

And when I introduced the technology that way, with this process – I show in real time video how and when her brain became de-sensitized to her fear triggers. I map the brainwave activity through the entire process and it is amazing what happened. She really did get relief: and as a scientist, I can map and measure it. You can watch the entire process in the video below.

What we know now about the brain is that fear, anxiety, anger, stress – can become habits. And, we know it causes extreme damage to the brain if these negative emotions impress themselves upon the brain for too long and for too often… effecting the way the brain works.

What Passive Brain Fitness ™ Means to the Future

General Health, Self Empowerment

The future of this technology is to provide a new modality, showing people how to de-sensitize and remove triggers to reduce fears and overwhelm. With that, we are seeing people improve the quality of their lives in just about every area, because once the brain is working as it should, people naturally live better lives. They can then naturally respond from a place of calm and balance and joy – on any topics, in any situation. Everyone wants to live a better life.

Does it work instantly? If you had an EEG machine you could see it progress towards health and calm – but, no – not instantly if you have been working with depression for a long time. Similarly, if you are coming home from a really bad day, once those chemicals are in your brain they don’t just instantly go away. Even though you have improved the way your brain works, the chemicals still have to be processed out of your body. But you can be certain that it is “training your brain”, exercising your brain – and if you apply it consistently you will have tremendous benefits and shifts over long term. Just like other muscles you regularly exercise and care for.

Although most people feel an immediate difference, whether subtle or specific – it takes time, and the science community knows it works.

I have my website set up in such a way that anyone can watch a free 20 minute video that introduces me, explains the difficult part of my life and how I got here; and you can get a free Passive Brain Fitness ™ video. It shows a beautiful way you can use the technology to desensitize any fear or anxiety triggers… and then we give you one to try for yourself.

Experience it and then if you wish you can explore any relationship with us that you want to.

Please come to Jeffrey Gignac and do let me know directly what you think!

Come and try the product – here are some free gifts: Passive Brain Fitness Gift

Growing up in small town Canada, the son of a Psychologist and Social Worker, Jeff has always displayed a passion for helping others. He was one of the youngest people in North America to be certified as a practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming

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