Receiving Guidance from Spirit

I’m often asked how to best tune into spiritual guidance and how do you know what is coming from spirit and what is from ego. Today, I’d like to share some of the tools that I use to communicate with my spirit guides. Journaling for Spiritual Guidance One of my favorite ways to receive spiritual guidance is through the process of journalling. This is not the type of journaling one might do, by writing about their day or their accomplishments, which is also quite helpful. This process of spiritual guidance journaling takes a bit of practice and learning how to …CONTINUE READING HERE: Receiving Spiritual Guidance from Beyond

Tuning Up Your Intuition

Whether looking to hire an energy healing practitioner, avoiding heavy traffic, avoiding an accident or just looking for guidance, tuning-up your intuition can be extremely helpful. I am frequently asked how to tune into or tune up your intuition and so today, I’m going to share a few things you can do to learn to tune up and tune in. The first thing I recommend is to learn to notice how you feel when you are getting a message to go forward (a positive or yes message) and a caution or stop message (a negative or no message). In my …CONTINUE READING HERE: Tuning Up Your Intuition

Finding the Best Teachers and Masters of Our Time

I was asked recently to share my thoughts on who are the best teachers and masters of our time. Whether you are looking for Spiritual Advice, Energy Healing, someone to help you with your Mind-Set or you are dealing with financial challenges, you have probably wondered who is the best teach or master to help you as well. It’s not a surprise that with all of the “Noise” all around us, that finding the best teachers and masters can be challenging. To put the “Noise Level” into perspective, a friend recently sent the following statistics to me. Every day we …CONTINUE READING HERE: Finding the Best Teachers and Masters of Our Time

Are You Willing to Follow Your Inner Guidance?

When we listen to our inner guidance sometimes we are guided to do things that we think would be crazy to do. Why would we want to give up what feels secure? Well, having followed my inner guidance down many paths that most would feel were “Stupid” to do, I’ve ended up being blessed immensely. That being said, I have to wonder if I would have had the amount of faith this man had when he heard his calling. Would you have had the faith he had? Share some of the moments when you followed your inner guidance even though …CONTINUE READING HERE: Are You Willing to Follow Your Inner Guidance?