Tuning Up Your Intuition

Whether looking to hire an energy healing practitioner, avoiding heavy traffic, avoiding an accident or just looking for guidance, tuning-up your intuition can be extremely helpful.

Intuitive GuidanceI am frequently asked how to tune into or tune up your intuition and so today, I’m going to share a few things you can do to learn to tune up and tune in. The first thing I recommend is to learn to notice how you feel when you are getting a message to go forward (a positive or yes message) and a caution or stop message (a negative or no message).

In my previous article about tuning in, I talked about using a Pendulum and also how to use Muscle Checking, but neither of those methods are going to work in an urgent situation. Also, as you learn to tune in to your intuition you’ll find that muscle checking and pendulum’s are rarely necessary. I find that as I have tuned up my intuition, that those tools are helpful to confirm the answers that I am receiving. In particular when I am attached to what I think the answer is or should be. Even with those tools, it is always important to be clear and to make sure you are not overriding the Pendulum or Muscle Checking responses.

Listening to my intuition saved my life

Triumph ConvertibleDuring the summer of 1976, I was driving down a 5 lane road (2 lanes going each direction with a center left turn lane) in my Triumph TR6 convertible with the top down. I was in the left lane of the two lanes going my direction as I approached a traffic light. There was a car directly to the right of me and there was a car sitting at the stop light in the left turn lane waiting to make their left turn.

I suddenly got an intuitive hit to check to see where the car was to my right and whether it was slowing down. As I checked that I heard (in my mind), that the light was going to change and that person in the car waiting to turn left was going to turn in front of me. My front bumper was less than 25 feet from the cross walk when the light turned yellow, I was already aware that the person to my right was slowing to make a right turn (because I followed that intuitive hit), and as the light turned yellow, the person coming from the other direction stepped on the gas. This all happened in literally less than a second. I downshifted, hit the brakes and put my car into a sideways slide and managed to go around the front bumper of the person coming from the other direction. As my car was sliding sideways I realized I was headed directly at a gas station, so I corrected quickly and stopped the car without hitting anything. I remember the person in the other car yelling “I’m Sorry” and all I could think of was am I really still alive.

As I share this story, my eyes are tearing as I recall how frightening the whole episode was. For at least the next day or two, I walked around wondering if I was still alive, in fact I remember asking friends if they would hug me or touch me so I would know that I was alive. When I inspected my car to see if there was damage, I had skid marks 3 inches up the tire sidewalls on the right side of my car.

Had I not listened to that inner guidance I would have been injured or killed as would the people in the other car. And, of course you can see how a Pendulum or Muscle checking would not have helped in the least.

Smiley Guardian AngelOnly my intuition or my guardian angel could help at that moment. Yes, in my opinion my intuition is my guardian angel in many cases. When I get “God Bumps” known as “Goose Bumps” that is always a sign that I am being guided by the divine and I pay attention. Sometimes those God Bumps literally make my hair feel like it’s standing straight up. When that happens I really pay attention and as you learn to tune in more and more, you’ll find those signs, those feelings, whether God Bumps or something else, are a clear and direct communication from the Divine.

The following described one method for discovering what you feel in your body, as well as where you feel it, that indicates a positive response and what you feel in your body, as well as where you feel it, that indicates a negative response.  You will need a friend to help you with this exercise and you’ll need to describe what you want them to do as follows.

Ask them to describe 2 situations in whatever order they want to. In both situations you’ll want to describe the same scene but with a tragic ending in one instance and a very happy ending in the other. As they finish describing one and before they start to describe the second one, notice what you are feeling and where in your body you are feeling it. If they describe the tragedy 2nd or use the element of surprise and do two nice ones before doing the tragedy, make sure that they always guide you through something wonderful before guiding you back to the present moment.


What happens when your ego gets in the way

EgoI use the three times and you’re out (what can I say – I like baseball) method for guidance as well.  As I have tuned up my intuition, most of the time, I act immediately. In fact my rule is the more outlandish the direction I receive is, the more I know for certain it is my intuition. But, there are times that I allow my ego to minimize or even ignore my intuition, by reasoning that whatever guidance I am receiving isn’t really guidance at all.

Sometime though I get additional signs, and you will too, that are all pointing to what seems like a ridiculous answer. Those might come from a person calling you or speaking to you and saying something that relates to the guidance you ignored, or a road sign, billboard, an email subject line or any other thing that gets your attention and relates to your  question or what you are being guided to do. I recommend when you get a second sign, act on the guidance and if you don’t, I implore you to act on a third sign. I have found that ignoring three signs is like striking out.



Tuning into your Intuition by Exercising Your Intuitive Muscles

Building Muscle

Like learning anything, you have to build on it. It doesn’t happen over night and that is true with Intuition as well. I recommend that you exercise your intuition by playing games that are fun to do, as a way to build that muscle. For instance when the phone rings, assuming you don’t have a call announcement feature on your phone, state the following. I wonder who is calling. Then wait for the answer before checking the caller id or answering the phone. As you do this more and more, you will discover your accuracy increases.

You can do this with incoming email, by saying, I wonder how many new emails I’ve received. There are 100’s if not thousands of ways you can use this technique to gradually build your intuitive muscles.

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