Finding the Best Teachers and Masters of Our Time

GuruI was asked recently to share my thoughts on who are the best teachers and masters of our time. Whether you are looking for Spiritual Advice, Energy Healing, someone to help you with your Mind-Set or you are dealing with financial challenges, you have probably wondered who is the best teach or master to help you as well.

It’s not a surprise that with all of the “Noise” all around us, that finding the best teachers and masters can be challenging.

To put the “Noise Level” into perspective, a friend recently sent the following statistics to me.

  • Every day we create 25 quintillion bytes of data
  • 90% of the data in the world today has been created in the past two years alone
  • 350,000 tweets every minute
  • 400 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute
  • Three million Facebook posts uploaded every minute
  • Four million Facebook “likes” every minute
  • Four million Google searches every minute

Although those numbers reflect a wide range of topics, it is certainly indicative of how quickly any of us can get distracted, overwhelmed and confused when wanting to find the best advice we can to help us with any problem. In particular spiritual advice seems to be the advice that many of us long for and I am certain was the point that the person posing the question was getting at.

For years I was a student of a variety of authors, teachers and healers from around the world. I also interviewed hundreds of different teacher from a variety of spiritual beliefs and here is the conclusion I came to…

There are no master teachers or gurus, and there never have been. I personally believe that even Jesus, Buddha, Krishna or Lao Tzu would all agree with me and that none of them ever wanted to be considered gurus. Did they share great wisdom, yes they certainly did, were they human, yes they certainly were and did they have their own demons, I’m certain they did. I sometimes wonder if what was captured in their name as their message, hasn’t been tainted by the various authors over the centuries, to raise them to a higher level for the purpose of controlling people and convincing us that we don’t have guru’s on the planet now. For me though I don’t consider a guru to be anyone that would want me to follow them and their advice without question.

That doesn’t mean that there aren’t people today, as there were in the past, that aren’t very wise and have great knowledge and wisdom to share. It does mean though that we much use discernment when picking a guru to listen to.

For instance, If anyone tells you they are a guru or a master, my recommendation is…

RUN, DON’T WALK as fast as you can to get away. You see anyone claiming these traits is doing so from their ego and not because they are a real guru. They may have wisdom to share with you, but I have found that they also want to control you and want you to give up your power to them. In my opinion that is what most religions are based on as well. A real Guru may share thoughts, insights and ideas, including what they have found that works best for them or the people they have worked with and then suggest that you decide if that fits for you.

One of my favorite authors, Neale Donald Walsh, shares his conversations with God, and regularly tells the reader, not to believe what he is saying, but to check in within yourself and decide if what he is sharing works for you.

If I were to pick someone I personally consider to be a guru, currently, I would select Braco. For me, I have found him to be very authentic and yet he teaches nothing, he doesn’t speak, he shares Pure Love through his gaze. If you haven’t experienced The Gaze, I highly recommend his “Free” LiveStream gazes, which he does periodically. To learn more go to

Wayne Dyer and David Hawkins, were two of the people I always loved receiving wisdom from as well and I always felt that both of them shared from the heart and not the ego. There are many other authors and teachers that have touched my life over the years, but I have never become their follower.

One of the best movie, in my opinion, that talks about this topic is called Kumare´, here’s the trailer to the movie. I believe you can find the movie on Netflix if you want to watch it.

How to Find a Guru

  1. The key to finding a guru is to first and foremost develop your intuition and trust it emphatically. If you haven’t yet developed your intuition use tools such as dowsing and muscle checking to determine if working with a particular person is in your highest good. I recommend doing so with that I call a “Blind Test”, by writing out all of the options on index cards, shuffling them, while having them turned face down. Lay them out in front of you and pick up one at a time. While holding it, make a positive statement such “It is in my highest good to work with this person at this time”, then test for a positive answer.
  2. Follow your intuition without question. I have found that my intuition never lets me down. In fact, I find that my in intuition is usually the message that seems the most unlikely or at least the least logical answer. When I don’t heed my intuitive guidance, it most certainly bites me in the butt in the long run.
  3. Meditate, be sure to and ask for guidance prior to starting your meditation.
  4. Sit quietly and write 2-3 pages in a journal daily, while asking for guidance and insights. Just allow your pen to flow freely and don’t question what you are writing. It takes some time to get good at this, but it is worth it when you want clear insights from within.
  5. Keep a journal near your bedside for writing down your dreams during the night. I use a lighted pen, so I can see the lines on the paper, but it’s not enough light to wake me fully. If you have trouble remembering your dreams, here is how I do it. Just prior to going to bed, I set my journal on my nightstand along with my lighted pen, with the journal open to a blank page. I then state the following intention just prior to falling asleep. I remember my dreams, I wake up after each dream and write it down, including any insights or specific messages that the dream has for me, and then I fall back to sleep with ease and grace. Be sure to include the part about falling back to sleep with ease and grace. I’ve had several students that didn’t do that part and found themselves laying awake after writing in their journal.
  6. If you have found someone that you feel you resonate with their message, read or listen to their advice, then meditate with it. Ask whether their message is for you. Listen to your own inner guidance with regard to the message.
  7. Remember, if the person is creating a huge following and want you to do whatever they suggest, without question, they are NOT a GURU.
  8. Use telesummits as a way to learn the philosophy of various teachers in the world and if you find that you resonate with their message, then do more work with them. Here is the key though… Listen to your own inner guidance and move on when you have gotten what you were supposed to from that person. That includes me and my message.
  9. Use free gift offers as a way to experience a particular person’s message and tools, and refer to all of the steps above to determine if their message is right for you.

To Summarize

The real guru is you and your inner knowing. We have all of the knowledge and wisdom we need within ourselves. Sometimes other people are in our lives to teach us a lesson or give us advice, but in all cases, we need to claim our power and listen to our own inner guidance to determine how we want to respond to and move forward with that advice.

Remember, some of the greatest gurus in our lives, as individuals, may be the people who cause us the most pain, and yet teach us some of our greatest lessons. Without those experiences we would not be the person we are today. Sometimes we need other people to help us go deeper to receive a message or understand it, but never, ever, ever should we allow ourselves to blindly follow without question anything, anyone tells us.







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