Receiving Guidance from Spirit

I’m often asked how to best tune into spiritual guidance and how do you know what is coming from spirit and what is from ego. Today, I’d like to share some of the tools that I use to communicate with my spirit guides.

Journaling for Spiritual Guidance

spiritual guidanceOne of my favorite ways to receive spiritual guidance is through the process of journalling. This is not the type of journaling one might do, by writing about their day or their accomplishments, which is also quite helpful. This process of spiritual guidance journaling takes a bit of practice and learning how to trust your inner guidance.

What happens in the process is that as your deepen your practice of journaling for spiritual guidance, you being to write automatically. Initially what you write is what you are thinking about, but over time and with practice you will discover some deep insights as you go back and read what you have written and were unaware of writing.


 Preparation for Spiritual Guidance Journaling

  1. Set aside a minimum of 30 minutes to do your journaling
  2. Be sure that you will not be interruped, by putting your phones on Do Not Disturb, etc.
  3. Set up an environment to support spiritual guidance by doing any of the following
    1.  Soft Lighting, including Candlelight
    2. Herbal Tea, such as Camomile Tea, or Warm Water with Lemon (any tea or drink that calms you, no caffeine or alchohol)
    3. Krystagraphs™ that you wish to use during the process (Chakra Opening, Love & Trust, Letting Go of the Ego, etc.).
    4. Crystals, Essential Oils, Flower Essences, etc. to help set the atmosphere for spiritual guidance
    5. Soft music or the sound of ocean waves that will your support spiritual guidance, while playing in the background
  4. At least two pens that are working before you get started
  5. A journal or pad of paper, preferably around 8.5″ x 11″

Tips for Doing Spiritual Guidance Journaling

Once you have prepared the space for your spiritual guidance session I have found that the following steps provide the most effective results.

  1. Open and Balance Your Chakras – if you don’t already have the Chakra Opening and Balancing Krystagraph, you can access it for free when you register for your copy of The Empowered Spirit News on the upper right of every page on my site.
  2. Invite your guides to assist you with their spiritual guidance.
    For Example. Dear God (or the God of Your understanding, including Spirit, Higher Self, Universal Intelligence, the Divine, etc.), Guardian Angel, Archangel Michael, Mom, Dad, Grandma, etc. I find that as I’m writing the brief invitation that I suddenly have a knowing as to who is there to give me the spiritual guidance I am seeking at the moment. You can invite anyone you like. I frequently invite Buddha, Aristotle, Jesus, Krishna, and my spirit guide who has identified herself as White Dove.
  3. Immediately after the invitation, pose the question you are wanting answered or the subject that you are wanting spiritual guidance about.
  4. Then write everything that comes to mind, including any thoughts such as… this is silly, I don’t know what to write, etc. What you are doing is moving yourself into the flow of automatic writing. As you write the things that are coming to mind, you will gradually start writing the spiritual guidance messages that you are receiving.
  5. Once you have completed at least 3 full pages, thank your guides for their insights
  6. Set the intention that you will continue throughout the day to receive more insights and spiritual guidance

I recommend that you come back to the journal at a different time and read it. The reason I suggest that you wait is that you are still in the flow for receiving spiritual guidance throughout your day. When you reread the journal at a later point you may find it helpful to summarize the specific tips you have received as spiritual guidance. It is also very helpful to do a prayer of gratitude whenever you recognize the helpfulness of the spiritual guidance you received as you go throughout your day.

Share your story of spiritual guidance or ask a question in the comments box below. Remember anything you share or ask will help others.

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