Finding Treasure

I enjoy supporting people to find their inner treasure and their inner healer. Doing so fills me to the brim with joy and happiness. Finding their inner treasure is just the first step though. For many of the people that I help to find their inner treasure, when they find it, they aren’t sure how they would ever have the time and/or money to fulfill their inner treasure.

In some cases they work full-time, and/or they are full-time parents or caregivers or even live on a limited income because they are retired or disabled. Their budgets and time are stretched to the max and so we work on those issues to help them see where they have more time or money than they realize.

Today I have a different treasure that I am delighted to tell you about, that just might be the answer to supporting you to live your life more fulfilled with joy and happiness to embrace your inner treasure.

My friends at Learning Strategies are about to Launch a Book called, Breakfast Tea and Bourbon and woven into the story in the book is a Real Treasure Hunt for $50,000, plus $5,000 donated to the favorite charity of the person who finds the treasure. Although money doesn’t solve everything, having more of it can frequently make things easier for us.

I wanted to do everything I could to help you to find the treasure, so I interviewed Pete Bissonette, the author of the book. Below are each of the segments of my 5 part interview. I broke the interview into smaller sections to make it easier for you to listen.

Although Pete insists that he is not giving us any clues to where the treasure is, during the interview, I personally suspect that there are clues woven into what he shared during our time together.

Be sure to order your copy of Breakfast Tea and Bourbon by clicking on this link, so you can start the upcoming treasure as soon as the book arrives. Pete is also giving away the Finding Treasure paraliminal by Paul Scheele of Learning Strategies, for everyone that pre-orders the book before the launch on February 9th.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Order your copy and get your free Finding Treausure paraliminal by clicking here!

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