Follow this and Create Magic in Your Life

I woke up this morning with an inspired idea and before noon, I shared the idea with a business partner and we were so inspired with ideas popping up so fast we could hardly contain ourselves. That’s what a magical life can be like for you too.

It wasn’t always that way and in fact if you’ve read some of my other posts, you’ll find that early in the 2000’s I went from millionaire to broke in just over 5 years. Along the way I learned a lot of lessons and today, I’m going to share a story and some concepts with you that could help you to have a magical day just like mine was today.

Back Story…

In 2005 I suddenly realized that I had allowed myself to be so obsessed with trying to stop a con artist that I lost sight of my own financial status and was broke. I wasn’t sure how I was going to pay my mortgage, where I was going to get grocery money or what I would do with the more than $150,000 in credit card debt. For someone who had always paid off her credit cards at the end of the month, I often wonder, how I could have ever allowed this to happen, but it did. I had one credit card alone that had given me a $75,000 line of credit.

Initially, I went into fear and things just got worse. Creditors were calling and I didn’t know what to do. I had spent 3+ years trying to stop a con artist and had formed a group of people that were all victim’s of his crime and we had filed a lawsuit. It was a hard decision, but one that had to be made, I pulled out of the lawsuit and took my deposit toward the lawyer and made my mortgage payment and bought food. I began walking every day, morning and night and repeating affirmations about creating financial abundance and how I would find the perfect buyer for my home. I also meditated daily, always with the intention of being shown/guided to the next step.

Trusting Your Insights/Intuition

Energy HealingMy first insight was to post a For Sale sign on my home with an asking price of $225,000 and to take out a small ad in the local newspaper. The only people who called, were local realtors, including the man who had sold me the house 4 years earlier. He let me know that my asking price was far to high and that he wouldn’t even take the listing for more than $208,000. I thanked him for the call and as I hung up, I remember questioning my asking price, but somehow being certain that the price I was asking was going to work. What happened over the next 9 months was nothing short of amazing. The key here is that I made a decision to ignore the logic of the Realtor and listen to my own inner guidance.

Within a few weeks I was offered a job on the east coast, so I took the For Sale sign down and traveled to the east coast to earn some money. The job was short lived, but it gave me enough income to keep me going for another month or so. When I returned home, as I was meditating I was guided to call a local realtor and put the house on the market for $235,000. The first few realtors I called refused to list the house for that much money, but with some persistence and guidance I finally found a realtor that took the listing. When you have no money to make the next house payment, it makes no logical sense to increase the asking price, yet I knew it was the right thing, I trusted that small inner voice.

The house was on the market for a couple of months, when a friend asked me to come to meet him n Australia and work with him using my Krystagraphs. He paid all expenses for the trip, and I headed to Australia, having no idea where the next house payment was going to come from. My electricity was scheduled to be shut-off the Monday after I left, and I managed to pull together enough money before I left to pay the bill on Friday.

During the trip, I meditated several times and was reminded that I had a vacant piece of property in Michigan. So, I reached out to my sister, who connected me with a local realtor, where the property was located. I thought that the property would be worth about $10,000 to $15,000. So, imagine my shock when he called and said he would list it for $80,000 and within 5 days he had a $78,000 cash offer. You see by going to Australia, I not only trusted the guidance I received to that point, but I had surrendered knowing that I would be fine and that everything would work out. I had totally stopped trying to control things, I had let go of my fear and I trusted.

One of the main tools I use to trust is the Krystagraph™ called: Love and Trust. If you are a subscriber of my newsletter you have received free access to this Krystagraph™, in the first editions of the newsletter.

Key Points for You to Consider

The story doesn’t end here, but for now I would love to hear your most important questions about following inner guidance, learning how to trust to the level I’ve shared above, and any other questions you may have. Just put your questions and comments in the box below. I’ll be sure to answer them and will share more of the story and more tools and tips next week.

Remember the first key is to go inside, this can be through meditation, taking a walk in nature, getting in the zone while doing something you love, etc.  The second key is to trust the answer and act upon that nudge or guidance, no matter how absurd it seems at the time. If the logical brain is telling you not to do it, then you are really onto something big. Go for it.

2 comments to Follow This To Create Magic in Your Life

  • Edi, I do understand, that for many of us it can be difficult to interpret the signing we receive and to discern whether they are the ego or our intuition. I’ll be sharing more on this specific topic soon. Congrats on being more patient. Life is a journey and when we can be patient and compassionate with ourselves during the process, miracles will happen.

  • The is a wonderful experience. As for me I do meditate daily but I still cannot understand the sign my intuition is sending to me resulting to chasing my tail on and on especially in terms of money or financial flexibility. What i like about me is the fact that am always optimistic and patient now compare to 4 years ago before I come to involve in L.O.A and personal development groups.

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