The Realization that Leads to Genuine Letting Go

By Guy Finley We all know exactly what it is like to be certain we have let go of something sorrowful or worrisome, only to find ourselves in a similar sad situation moments later. Dropping this person and picking up that person doesn’t end the loneliness that drives us into dead-end relationships. This isn’t letting go. We have only managed to put the emptiness on hold. Changing jobs to get away from someone or something that sets us off doesn’t cancel our conflict. This just delays the inevitable angry feelings that always surface whenever we feel threatened. Our anger cannot …CONTINUE READING HERE: The Realization that Leads to Genuine Letting Go

Let Go and Awaken to a Whole New You

By the fact that everything about her existence is perfectly ordered, Mother Nature is “choice-less.” What does being “without choice” mean in this context? All creatures — from the smallest to the largest — from gnat, to gorilla, all the way to the humpback whale, must serve nature as she demands. Their individual lives exist to serve and to sustain a living planetary matrix greater than themselves. One of the gifts of being human is that our individual potential far exceeds the boundaries of our animal body, which like all natural creations must serve the general laws it’s been created …CONTINUE READING HERE: Let Go and Awaken to a Whole New You

Shatter the Bonds of False Beliefs and Be Free

Near the end of a busy afternoon, a senior caddie at an exclusive golf club is making his appointed rounds — double-checking that everything is in its proper place — when he wanders into the clubhouse locker room. Much to his shock he sees an obviously completely exhausted man spread-eagle on the floor! A moment later, he recognizes the man as a fairly new member of the club. At first he fears the man may have fallen and hit his head, but after touching him gently, the man leaps to his feet…a terrified look in his eye. “Are you all …CONTINUE READING HERE: Shatter the Bonds of False Beliefs and Be Free

The Three Stages of Self-Realization

The pitfalls along the upper path leading to the realization of the immortal self are well marked by the aspiring souls who have gone before us. Their legacy of spiritual insights and revelations serve as signposts along the way for all who wish to awaken their sleeping divinity. In this instance, all traditions, East and West, point out three distinct stages of realization through which the aspirant must pass. Each stage is unique in its character, and none may be skipped; much like a seed gives rise to a flower, and from that flower is born its fruit, all three …CONTINUE READING HERE: The Three Stages of Self-Realization