Jump the Fence and Run For It!

frank-150x150– by Francis Rico

Referring to our “human situation,” ancient wisdom traditions have long said that we are unwitting residents of a “barnyard” – and, that along with having been co-opted as a resource for the benefit of the “Masters”, we have become complacent and co-operative with our captors in response to our need to be cared for.

Representing the path of personal freedom, shamans have always placed their allegiance with nature, with the wild and free, rather than with the “safety” and well fed organization of the barnyard.

No matter how well cared for, barnyard creatures are still dinner for the master of the farm.

Perhaps this is why shamans have such a reputation – we always advise the creatures of the barnyard to jump the fence and run for it!

“Creatures of the barnyard” includes the vast majority of us who dwell in the barnyard of our current social, political and economic system.

Shaman’s have long pointed out that the very same fence that we imagine is keeping us safe from predators keeps us imprisoned. And as far as the supposed security of regular feedings in the food trough, wild creatures do just fine with a combination of innate intelligence and the companionship of their brothers and sisters!

Look around. Is this description so far from the truth of what you see? What is important now are the next steps that you take.

You can always slip back into the barnyard to alert your loved ones that they can escape the confinement of the “safety” that is offered by those whose actual intention is to use and abuse them for their own benefit. You can let your loved ones know that they too can live life free of fear, domination, and servitude.

But you’ll have to find your personal freedom first!

So, getting down to the particulars of your situation: while it is true that the sum total of the choices you have made have determined the momentum of your life, it is always possible, even in this moment, to completely change the direction of your life, simply by making different choices.

It helps to have the fellowship of other wild creatures as you return to your authentic state of being. For example, a journey to Teotihuacan with Toltec Spirit Guides is one way to jump over the fence. Supported in a place of mysterious wild power you learn to live in freedom, as you repeatedly chose to untangle yourself from the insanity of the trance induced by the domination and control systems that govern our world.

And then, spiraling deeper and deeper, at a moment when you begin dancing the dream of the universe, you ignite – and experience the intense ecstasy of life illuminated by Divine Presence, no longer co-opted, no longer contained for your own safety.

This moment of ignition is the breaking of the spell of the trance – it is a moment of recognition and remembrance that we are energy beings, made of Light, that have become manifest in the gift of our bodies, our lives. Many shamans call this iridescent upwelling dazzling light being the rainbow body – and in Teotihuacan, we recognize that our essence is Light, and come home to the wild love of Creation – living the dream of heaven on earth.

The seemingly unsolvable problems, dilemmas, difficulties and life challenges we face can be transformed – because there is a revolutionary new experience of life that can open for us beyond the limitations of what we’ve believed is possible.

You can make direct contact with the unseen guidance and resources that surround you and are within you. And, by drawing on the energy and innate intelligence at the core of life itself, we’ll bring practical solutions and beneficial outcomes to your life.  Learn more about Francis Rico and his shamanistic lifestyle by visiting A Shaman’s Guide to Deep Beauty.

Musician, shaman, and author Francis Rico combines shamanic wisdom with a irrepressible advocacy for enjoying life – assisting his clients, students and fellow adventurers in awakening to the gift of their lives. His book, A Shaman’s Guide To Deep Beauty: Connecting with the Mojo of the Universe can be purchased through Amazon by going here.

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