Healing from Anxiety Without Medication


Sharon Feighan has written and completed a self help handbook for people suffering anxiety and panic attacks based on her own experience with this debilitating disorder.

Anxiety and Panic disorders affect an astonishing amount of people word wide:

– 40 million people in the U.S. will experience an impairment because of an anxiety condition this year.

– Only 4 million will receive treatment, and of those, only 400,000 will receive proper treatment.

– Those who experience anxiety and stress have a very high propensity for drug abuse and addictions.

Further statistics show:

  • 65% of North Americans take prescription medications daily, 43% take mood altering prescriptions regularly.
  • There were over 3.3 Billion prescriptions filled in America in 2002 (12 times the U.S’s population – that’s 12 prescriptions for every man, woman, and child in the U.S. that year).
  • Paxil and Zoloft (two of the more popular anti-anxiety medications) ranked 7th and 8th in the top ten prescribed medications in the US (these two medications totaled almost $5 Billion in sales in 2002).
  • Recreational drugs are also used to cope with anxiety.  42% of young adults in America regularly use recreational drugs (National Institute on Drug Abuse)

Through persistence and determination, I have conquered my fears without medication, in a relatively short period of time and with very little financial outlay.

During my recovery I read countless books but none had a structured, workable program that I could set in place and follow. I had to select bits and pieces of information from lots of different sources and then try to recall back to each book when I needed to use it. Being practical by nature, I thought it would be great to have a step-by step system that I could refer back to if I lost my way. My book provides a template for the reader and it can be tailored to the needs of the individual depending on what works for them.

Often when you are suffering with anxiety you struggle to focus your mind toward starting a healing program on your own. Knowing how difficult it is to make a start, I decided to create a compact, all inclusive, easy to follow, step-by-step handbook with links to affirmation CD’s, other books and bonus downloads scattered throughout the relevant chapters so readers can begin healing straight away without leaving the house. It is short, simple and practical with no heavy language, psychological jargon, analysis or diagnosis. It is about acknowledging the condition and getting on with the healing process and regaining control ASAP.

By using my techniques, the reader can achieve results without resorting to medication and these results can be achieved within 8-12 weeks. By this, I mean the reader can transform their world of fear and restriction to total freedom and peace of mind within this short amount of time, if they fully commit and dedicate themselves to using my program with passion.

Thank you for the opportunity to share my story.

To download a free chapter or other free offers go to my Facebook Sharon Feighan Author page.

Sharon Feighan lives in Newcastle, Australia and attended a University in USA from 1985-1989 on a tennis scholarship. In 1991 Sharon developed an anxiety disorder that she conquered without medication or extensive therapy. She works full time, is a part time Remedial Massage Therapist and lives a full life free from anxiety.

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