The Power of Surrendering

Great things happen when you are willing to surrender, let go of control, trust and have faith that all that you desire is already on it’s way. One of the greatest lessons in my life was the realization that we truly can’t control anything and the sooner we let go of the attempt to control, the faster things will manifest. Taking Action is Important Letting go does not mean that you don’t take action. It is important to plan, set goals, and especially to take action. Not just any action though… Take inspired action. Inspired action is that which you …CONTINUE READING HERE: The Power of Surrendering

The Destructive Force of 'Fear'

If you’re a human being, you have emotions. We can’t deny them any more than we can deny having a right hand. We love with passion, we enjoy a good sad movie, and at times we are overcome with tears of joy. But when do our emotions become destructive to our health? While we can’t simply shut off our emotions, we can learn to guide the destructive ones….to recognize them as destructive, and then loosen them…the same way a tight knot is loosened and set free. One emotion every person with a serious illness struggles with is fear. Fear is …CONTINUE READING HERE: The Destructive Force of ‘Fear’