The Joy of Giving

Giving is not just about the person receiving the gift, it as much about the joy the giver feels. Sometime back I went to an event and the speaker told us that we were not allowed to say anything but “Thank You”, when someone gave us a compliment. You see most of us feel obligated to say something nice back to the person, and yet by doing so you are minimizing their gift to you. You are taking away the joy they will receive by giving to you and seeing you receive that gift. It really struck me and opened …CONTINUE READING HERE: The Joy of Giving

Look into Her Eyes

I don’t know about you… All I had to do was take one look into this beautiful little girl’s eyes and I said yes. How about you? Will you say yes to her too?     Helping others during the holiday season is always something that brings me great joy. Another is the Joyful Smile a Child Shares on Christmas when they see their gifts under the Christmas tree. And another thing I love about the Holiday is listening to Christmas Music (I have a huge collection of Christmas Albums)! 🙂 You can help put a smile on a child’s …CONTINUE READING HERE: Look into Her Eyes

Journey to Inner Peace

I wanted to share my thoughts on finding Inner Peace, which in my opinion is the only way we can create World Peace. As many or you know, I rarely ever watch or read any news. My well meaning friends are on top of that and if they think I need to know about something, they keep me informed. So, hence the reason for my delay on what I am about to share. After the attack on February 13th in Paris, the French leader retaliated by bombing Syria, just 2 days later. As, I heard this news, I immediately began …CONTINUE READING HERE: Journey to Inner Peace – Part 1

What Would You Do If...

You knew a child wasn’t going to receive any gifts from Santa or even worse they weren’t going to have a warm place to sleep? Well, I thought I would share a true story about what I did, when I was confronted with the exact situation and I didn’t have any money to help. I received an email, from a Yahoo group – known as “Free Cycle” where people offer things they don’t need and ask for things they do need, a couple of weeks before Christmas. The message was from a neighbor of a family who posted that their …CONTINUE READING HERE: What Would You Do If…

Wayne Dyer Tribute

I’m one that doesn’t mourn the passing of people, as I see it, it is a time to remember and celebrate the life of the person who passed. For me mourning is for those of us who are living, without the person who has passed. I think Wayne Dyer would agree with me, and so today, I am celebrating his life and reminding all of you of the blessings he bestowed upon all of us, while he was here. I’ve chosen the following video of Wayne Dyer, because it personifies who Wayne Dyer was while here on earth, as an …CONTINUE READING HERE: Wayne Dyer Tribute

Are Your Fears Holding You Back?

Do you have fears that are holding you back from being who you are or want to be and doing what you love? When I saw the video below, I wept. His fears are great, he is so nervous that he is absolutely shaking. Yet, he steps out of his comfort zone and shares his awesome voice with the world. It saddens me to think about the number of people, who give up on their dreams, because other people tell them they can’t do whatever they dream of doing. Many people live small, out of fear that they might be …CONTINUE READING HERE: Are Your Fears Holding You Back?

New Thought Television

I stopped watching Television, as a habit, back in the early 1980’s. My primary reason at the time was that it seemed that most of the shows were just a new script for a similar story and at the end of the evening I felt that my time had truly been wasted. I stopped watching the late night news in particular, because I found myself lying awake thinking about all of the wars and tragic events I had just viewed and although I didn’t have nightmares about them, they definitely kept me from falling asleep. I just kept thinking about …CONTINUE READING HERE: New Thought Television

The Keys to Fulfillment

Award Winning Scientist & Human Potential Expert, Dragos Bratasanu Ph.D., shares his brilliance in this short video that talks about the keys to fulfillment. If you are wanting a more fulfilling life, be sure to watch this special video! Dragos is the creator of… How Brilliant People Live Their Purpose & How You Can Too! THE AMAZING YOU WORKBOOK – PART 1 – Download File  

What Legacy Will You Leave?

I wonder how many of us really consider what legacy we will leave when we depart from this world. In our day-to-day lives it seems that many of us get so busy that we don’t take time to consider the impact we have on the people in our lives, or the impact we make on our planet and in the lives of the animals that we share our beautiful planet with. The video below is one that I watch a few times per year, to remind myself to stay focused, and make sure that I doing something every day to …CONTINUE READING HERE: What Legacy Will You Leave?

You are a Miracle

Do you know that you are a Miracle? Have you ever had a bad day and wondered what life was all about? Ever wanted to just quit? If so, watch this video, that shows the miracle of life. Now consider that what you just saw means that up to 300,000,000 sperm fought their way to meet your mothers egg and only one of them made it. Those sperm go through the vagina, into the cervix then into the uterus before getting to the Fallopian tubes, half of them enter the Fallopian tube with the egg while the other half enter …CONTINUE READING HERE: You are a Miracle